Using Klein Blue in Your Home

Looking to spice up your decor? Consider adding some Klein blue features to any room to give it a pop of color!
Using Klein Blue in Your Home

Last update: 03 June, 2020

Klein blue is a truly attractive choice for your home. However, you have to use it sparely so it doesn’t dominate the space.

Do you want to give your home a new look? The key is using color, especially bold, less common choices. Next, we’ll show you some tips for using Klein blue in your home.

We all know that striking shades attract your eye. However, we recommend that you combine these striking colors with neutral, subdued tones.

The shade of blue we discuss in this article offers a really interesting choice for the home. Why? It’s a very intense tone that draws the eye and can enhance a space, if used correctly.

Yves Klein’s contribution to art

Three shades of blue, including Klein blue.

Yves Klein, born in Nice, was a French artist who was involved in the neo-Dada movement, specifically at the end of the 20th century. Klein was the son of painters. From a very young age, he was interested in art and observing the color combinations that he saw in his parents’ painting.

Klein soon realized that colors controlled the world around him. So he became very interested in a novel, avant-garde trend: monochrome painting. However, he didn’t view these paintings as simple colors. Instead, he saw unique meanings in each color, where the material and spiritual unite.

Finally, he arrived at the groundbreaking point where International Klein Blue was born. He departed from traditional concepts of art and went in a new avant-garde direction. Klein painted nude women in this blue to create a new perspective on art.

Color is sensibility in material form, matter in its primordial state.

-Yves Klein-

So how can you use Klein blue in your home?

A room decorated using blue.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can’t let this color dominate a space. This would oversaturate the room. Instead, you should use it decisively and sparingly. Choose specific and simple places to feature this rich blue. You should also try to combine it with another neutral color and be careful not to overdo it!

  • For example, if you put it on the walls, don’t use it on every wall. Instead, choose one wall or area. Generally, it combines well with white. This helps create a drastic and forceful contrast.
  • Another option is to use an armchair in this hue. This creates a feeling of comfort. And above all, it will look great in a corner of your home. You could also consider a Klein blue sofa as the principal piece of your living room.
  • You can also use it just for small decorations. For example, in the bathroom, the soap dish and towels can be important features. This is similar to how in the living room you could consider a pouf, rug, or accent sofa cushions.

Klein blue in the bedroom

A bedroom featuring different tones of blue.

Your bedroom is probably the most private and personal space in your house. However, it’s a place where you can use Klein blue more forcefully and dynamically.

For example, if you have a dresser, this could be a good item to feature the color. Again, you’ll want to use light or white tones around the piece to enhance the effect. In this case, it would create more of a Mediterranean look.

We all know that the bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom. It’s already a focus point because of its size and function. If you use a blue quilt or comforter, you can create an eye-catching effect. You could also consider making the headboard this color while the rest of the bed is white.

Klein blue in the rustic style

A rustic blue table.

You might be used to seeing warm or neutral colors in the rustic style. But have you ever considered what it would look like with a deep blue? Can you use a cold color like this within this style?

Yes! While you might want to flee from cold colors when designing a rustic look, this blue can create a unique, interesting look.

For example, if you put this blue on a wooden door, a window frame, or a particular piece of furniture. Again, this creates a more Mediterranean look.

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