Blue and Gray Decor: A Match Made in Heaven

Blue and gray tones are one of the best combinations out there if you want to give your home a calmer, more serious vibe.
Blue and Gray Decor: A Match Made in Heaven

Last update: 21 July, 2019

The aesthetic bond between some colors can be a huge help when it comes to home decor. There’s no better example of how that works in decor than blue and gray tones. They’re a match made in heaven, and are so versatile you can structure your whole home around them. 

When the colors in a room go well with the other decorations, it creates a sense of fullness. It’s like you’ve achieved a “just right” vision of the whole room. What that does is bring you comfort. It makes you feel good. Or, in other words, it will make you feel calm and infinitely cozy.

Blue and gray have a strong link, there’s no doubting that. But that doesn’t mean you can use any hue of blue and any hue of gray and put them together. You still need to create a sense of balance and consistency between the tones. You want to make sure there’s no tension between them, where one is overbearing and the other is weak, etc.

What does blue and gray decor have to bring to the table?

An open living room.

Back to what we were saying, the way you use each color will depend on the specific shades you want. You can’t just put them together randomly, because that will most likely just create a visual clash. It will do the opposite of creating the sense of tranquility you’re going for.

Gray is a synonym for modernity. Its soft, neutral personality makes it extremely versatile in decor, and you can use it alongside lots of other colors. Think of gray as a kind of sidekick that helps you make the decor in a room pop, and truly stand out.

Blue is a bit more varied in terms of what you can do with it. That’s partly just because of all the different shades. Dark and darkish blues can create a feeling of calmness, seriousness, reflection, and peace. The lighter shades give off more of a simple, friendly, and gentle feeling.

It’s important for you to have a strong understanding of the various shades and what moods they create.

Living room decor with blue and gray

A blue and gray living room.

But how exactly should you use these two colors in your living room? If you use them here, it’ll give the space an alternative, dynamic, comfortable, and serious appearance. Think of it as innovation.

  • One of our favorite ideas is to paint the walls gray. You could even use two different shades (one light and one dark). But a single shade will still be perfectly alright, too, and there’s no drawback to it.
  • Dark blue looks best with light gray. Think about creating those combinations through your couch, chairs, armchairs, or a big rug. That will help you create a sense of balance.
  • You could also use gray for both the walls and some of your furniture, like the couch. From there, you could add a splash of blue with things like a rug, or couch cushions. To give you an idea, sky blue goes really nicely with a gray couch.
  • What about painting the walls dark blue? You can totally do that, too. There’s no issue at all with making the space more striking and powerful, you just need to be careful to create some contrasts with light colors so that there’s an overall sense of balance.

The kitchen

A modern kitchen.

The kitchen can also be a great place for a blue and gray combination. Obviously, though, they aren’t the most common colors for this part of a home. That means that you’d be breaking away from traditional formats and getting a more original, innovative look.

This is one place where gray definitely works better with blue if it’s on the walls. It works really well in the kitchen as a sidekick for blue furniture (which should be on the darker side).

There’s another option, too. You could flip the two colors and have dark blue walls and gray furniture. The main thing to try to do is to make sure the furniture is on the darker side of gray. That will give the room a more refined, alternative, and serious vibe.

Other ways to combine them

There are lots of good ways to use blue and gray in your decor scheme.

If you remember from earlier, there are lots of different shades of blue. Some of them go especially well with gray, like turquoise, which has also become a major color trend in the past few years. It gives a space a much more playful feeling, and the contrast it has with gray can really make the room pop.

We haven’t even mentioned all the great combinations you can make with green blues. These shades are especially good for a kitchen or a bathroom.

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