The Most Common Coffee Table Decoration Mistakes

Decorating your coffee table can be a complicated task, but if you avoid these coffee table decoration mistakes, you’ll make it pop!
The Most Common Coffee Table Decoration Mistakes

Last update: 20 May, 2020

Undoubtedly, one of the most important points of a living room is the coffee table. People look at it as soon as when they enter a living room. Therefore, the decoration you choose for it will mark the style of the room. For this reason, it’s of utmost importance to seek balance and harmony. We know that decorating your coffee table isn’t always easy. So, we decided to share the most common coffee table decoration mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Don’t do this to your coffee table

Bottles in a coffee table.

The size (of the flowers) does matter

Flower arrangements are ideal for decorating almost any place. But when it comes to your coffee table, you should make sure the flowers aren’t too high, since they hinder visibility and make spaces look narrower. Therefore, it’s best to go for small glass bowls or vases with colored bouquets.

One of the coffee table decoration mistakes – overloading

We know that you have a dozen cute porcelain boxes and that you love putting your children’s crafts in visible places. However, overloading your coffee table will make it look like a flea market. Remember that less is more.

Don’t use ornaments of the same material as the coffee table

A wooden table.

Remember that variety is key (without going overboard) but if you put wooden ornaments on a wooden table, both will go unnoticed. Combine materials, as it’ll give your environment a lot more personality. For example, wood with iron is a winning combination, as well as stone with natural fiber.

Put the remote controls out of sight

There are many stylish options for keeping remote controls hidden or at least organized. From boxes, a drawer, pockets, or trays. Take our advice and don’t let your coffee table display your electronic devices.

It isn’t a bookcase

We know that you love to read and having your favorite book and those magazines you enjoy perusing at hand. However, you should put these items on shelves and magazine racks. A couple of large books that are part of the decoration look great, but you shouldn’t overdo it.

Be mindful of the proportions

This is a very common mistake. On the one hand, there are huge tables with little ornaments and, on the other, those full of huge accessories. However, you have to be mindful of the proportions to ensure harmony.

Not knowing where to place the decoration

A white coffee table.

The decorations don’t only go in the center. Interior designers say that you must use the entire surface in a balanced and safe way… and that’s where many people get lost.

The easiest thing is to divide the table into four quadrants and, first, decorate the opposite corners with large objects and then the other two with smaller ones. Then, fill with a touch of green or candles.

Using only one type of object on your coffee table

Don’t fill your table with candles of different sizes or boxes you bought abroad. Make groups and alternate them with other decorative elements.

Decorate under your coffee table

Sure! That space also counts. What you place there will depend on the shape of your table but we suggest a large wicker basket for you to keep the blankets and plaids you use when you’re on your sofa.

Say no to mess

An orderly table.

Once you have everything perfect, try to keep it that way all the time. If you need to, take a photo. It’s important to avoid leaving things in the middle of the coffee table. Otherwise, it’ll turn into a run of the mill piece of furniture and a place for dust and charmless objects.

What you can do on your coffee table

Now that you know the most common coffee table decoration mistakes, we’re going to share some basic tips to help you decorate it the right way, to achieve a beautiful and stylish result.

  • Use a few books to place some decorations on and play with heights.
  • Trays can create groups or maintain order.
  • Display flowers or plants. Succulent plants are ideal because, in addition to being beautiful, they’re easy to care for and give life.