Using Geometric Patterns in your Home

Geometric patterns have long been one of the most popular decorative elements, and can be adapted to almost any style or color pallet.
Using Geometric Patterns in your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Love them or hate them, geometric patterns have long been popular decorative elements in homes and restaurants around the world. Their bright and eye-catching designs can be almost hypnotic and they’re a really great way to brighten up any space. So today, we want to take a look at some of the different ways you can incorporate them into your home.

Geometric patterns work great with industrial Nordic style decor, which uses a combination of wood and metal elements. The use of light, delicate lines makes rooms feel more spacious and less crowded.

Polyhedrons are some of the most popular shapes in geometric decor and can be used to create anything from table legs and lamps to candelabras and photo frames.

Rhombuses have also been a favorite in recent months, featuring heavily in children’s rooms, floors, and on bathroom walls.

Geometric patterns and decorative styles

Colorful wall decorations.

Geometric patterns are great for both modern and classical homes, their great versatility means they can adapt perfectly to almost any style you can imagine. In fact, you can just as easily incorporate them into psychedelic sixties decor as antique style decor.

This versatility also means that geometric patterns can be used almost anywhere in your home. From kitchens to bedrooms, they’ll adapt perfectly to the room.

Geometric patterns: color and shape

Geometric shapes.

There’s not really any color doesn’t work with geometric decor. Using bright, cheerful colors such as oranges, reds, yellows, and purples will help create a more fun and modern feel. However, this does mean they will take center stage in your room, so you need to be careful not to overwhelm the room by adding other bold elements.

Using more neutral tones such as black and white, dusky pink or blues will create an elegant and understated look that works great with the minimalist-Nordic look we mentioned earlier in this article.

Ways to incorporate geometric patterns into your home

Decorative shelves

Green shelving.

Geometric shelves come in all different shapes, sizes and materials. Give them your own personal touch by using a mixture of different shelves to create a wall feature with a difference.


Classic wall panels.

Partitions and wall panels are a really subtle and understated way to incorporate geometric patterns into your home, and won’t overwhelm your space.


Geometric patterns make the perfect wall decorations.

Decorate your walls with a variety of colors and geometric shapes. All you’ll need is a roll of masking tape to create crisp, clean lines, and discover your inner artist.


Geometric ceramic tiling.

Squares, hexagons, zigzag patterns – there are so many different geometric floor tiles to choose from. Get creative, and arrange them however you like, and don’t be afraid to use a mixture of different colors.

Rugs and carpets

Geometric carpeting.

If you’re not feeling quite bold enough to paint or replace your tiles, you could always go for a geometric rug that you can easily pick up and put down whenever you want. When it comes to rugs, anything goes, from repeating patterns that create mind-bending optical illusions, to large, classic prints.

Applied geometry

Colorful geometric patterns will brighten any home.

Geometric patterns can be adapted to practically any element or surface. Even furniture can be designed with geometric lines, angles, and shapes. You can find sofas, shelves and even tables that perfectly capture the geometric style.

A guide to using geometric patterns

Geometric wall decorations.

When of the most important things you need to remember when it comes to using geometric decoration is that less is more. Over-saturating your home with these bold patterns can be overwhelming, and can even make people feel dizzy.

  • When it comes to furniture, choose elements with straight lines and neutral tones.
  • Don’t mix patterns, or use the same pattern multiple times throughout the same room.
  • Use colors and textures to create harmony. You can also play around with the proportions, using a mixture of small and large prints.

Geometric patterns continue to feature heavily in interior decorating trends season after season. So, isn’t it time to use them in your home.

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