Boiserie: Our New Decorating Obsession

Do you know what boiserie is? It is the perfect way to give your home a touch of character. Want to know how? Then read on.
Boiserie: Our New Decorating Obsession

Last update: 02 February, 2019

Boiserie is a type of wooden paneling that is used for walls and doors. This year, it has returned to fill our homes with elegance. It is a really special form of decoration that can fill even the plainest of rooms with style and charm. Take a look and you’ll soon fall in love with it too. 

In France during the 17th and 18th centuries, boiserie was an essential part of interior decor. It was used to decorate the homes of the richest and most fashionable aristocrats. As a result, it was mostly used in mansions and palaces. In the palace of Versailles, there are many fine examples of this type of decoration, which represent the high society of the time.

The name boiserie comes from the French word “bois”, meaning “wood”. In the past, it wasn’t only decorated with patterns, but also with gilding and bas-relief moldings.

It has almost always been used in classical-style buildings, with period furniture, high ceilings, and wooden floors. However, nobody has ever said that it can’t be used elsewhere. Nowadays, you can use it to create a really stunning look in your modern home. Combine some beautiful boiserie paneling on the walls or doors with minimalist decor and your friends will think you’re an interior decorating pro.

Tips for decorating with boiserie

Paint your boiserie paneling for the perfect finishing touch.

If your house is a little on the small size and you want to give it some extra style, adding some boiserie paneling is a great way to fill it with charm and character. Plus, unlike furniture, it won’t take up any precious space.

Boiserie and wall color

If you like taking risks and standing out from the crowd, combine your boiserie with a touch of color. Paint a wall decorated with boiserie and see how quickly it can transform your living room or bedroom into a room filled with style, elegance, and charm.

Lining your walls with these panels will also give them more depth and, as a result, will visually increase the space in your room. So, if you have narrow hallways or a living room that is longer than it is wide, this is the perfect solution.

As you’ve already seen, the elegant moldings that decorate boiserie panels will give any room a touch of sophistication. Plus, thanks to the play of light and shadows across the wood, they will also fill your rooms with a greater sense of movement.

Traditional boiserie paneling was often decorated with gilding.

Combining boiserie with mirrors

Another great look is to combine boiserie with mirrors and paintings. The ornate moldings of the panels will appear to frame them. It will create an optical illusion that will give your room a greater sense of depth and energy.

Boiserie and bathrooms

And whoever said that you couldn’t have boiserie in your bathroom? Don’t restrict yourself to putting it in just one area. Be daring, and use it wherever you want. If you want to give your bathroom more character, why not install half-panel walls? And if you paint them too, your decoration is sure to be a success.

Use the elegant moldings of the boiserie to frame mirrors and paintings.

Practical advice for using paneling

While boiserie is best-known for the warmth that it can bring to a room, if you use it well, it has far greater potential than even that.

To take full advantage of its potential, we recommend that you try to create contrast by using paneling on only the lower half of the wall while leaving the upper half plain. Paint the panels in one color, and the upper half in another. The colors you choose will depend on your own personal taste.

Decorating your walls with boiserie is a great way to put your personal stamp on your home. But be daring! Don’t just stick to the traditional look; the possibilities are endless.

As well as the classic half-panels that protect and decorate walls, there are also many other original and geometric designs that will bring that extra touch of style to your home.

Half-panel boiserie is even great for bathrooms.

Why choose boiserie?

Boiserie can be the perfect way to decorate the panels on partition walls. This will give them a greater sense of style and help to better integrate them into the rest of the room.

As you can see, there are lots of different possibilities. From the most classical style paneling on the walls or furniture and floor to ceiling panels to more modern options such as geometric designs and daring color schemes. We’re sure you’ll soon fall in love them too, and your home will thank you for it.