Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

By following these tips to make your bathroom look larger, you'll optimize your storage and improve its spatial perception.
Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Larger

Last update: 08 February, 2022

The current trends in decor invite us to enjoy the spaces within our homes for longer. With these tips, you can make your bathroom look larger and this room won’t be the exception to the trend.

The design and decor style of the bathroom has been transformed over the years. Until recently, we invested little dedication to bathroom decor simply because they were just functional spaces.

Currently, bathrooms not only fulfill a hygienic function, but they’re also spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. For example, many bathrooms have become small spas and aromatherapy retreats.

In general, the bathrooms in our homes aren’t always as large as we’d like them to be. Particularly in modern apartments with reduced dimensions. So, it’s helpful to know the techniques to make these rooms appear larger than they really are.

By applying a few changes to your bathroom, you’ll be able to create quite a difference in the size of this space. Our tips simply create the illusion of ample space, without the need for refurbishment works to make your bathroom look bigger.

A larger bathroom optimizes storage

Larger bathroom: shelf above the door

Installing a shelf on the top part of the bathroom door is a good alternative to optimize space and organize your belongings. With this solution, you’ll save space and create more room for other bathroom furniture. Since this shelf is usually high, we recommend only placing the objects that you use occasionally on there.

Another space that can be used to better fulfill its potential is the area under the sink. This spot can be the perfect place to have a piece of furniture. You can also opt for a piece that contains everything in the style of a cabinet with drawers and doors.

Don’t forget about the space above the toilet

bathroom storage

The space above the toilet can be used to install shelves and keep the things you use the most at hand. Wooden shelves or shelving units are a great option and can really optimize the space.

As a tip, you can install a shelf here with a metal bar connected to it that’ll also double as a towel rail.

Wall hangers to make your bathroom look larger

hangers on the door

Wall hangers continue to be one of the most practical and useful ideas when it comes to optimizing space. In addition, they offer a wide range of choices in terms of sizes, colors, and shapes. You can complement the optimization of your small bathroom by installing them behind the door.

Auxiliary furniture for bathrooms

Furniture for small bathrooms

By using auxiliary furniture in your bathroom, you’ll considerably improve the use of this space and its aesthetics. In recent times, the availability and popularity of this type of furniture have increased and all kinds of styles and types have appeared that’ll efficiently adapt to your space.

Nowadays, bathroom furniture is more attractive in appearance and can be combined with any style, as well as creating more storage opportunities.

Take advantage of natural light

Natural light

Lighting is an important aspect that you should take into account if you want to improve the perception of size in your bathroom. Make the most of your windows and allow natural light to enter this space.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, use artificial LED white lighting. This type of lighting is a good solution since it offers more precise and uniform lighting than other types of bulbs.

Mirrors to make your bathroom look larger

Bathroom with mirror and painting

Mirrors will always be an excellent option for any small bathroom. Thanks to their characteristics, mirrors amplify any space.

One of the most obvious and preferred spots for hanging a bathroom mirror is over the sink. This isn’t only because of its usefulness, but also because of its ability to reflect the light around the bathroom.

Turn to transparency to make your bathroom look larger

Shower with glass partition.

As a general rule, if you have a small bathroom, it’s likely that you’ve chosen a shower over a bathtub to make better use of the space. The ideal complement for a shower is a transparent glass screen.

Up until now, opaque partitions have been a popular choice. But a transparent partition will improve the aesthetics and perception of spaciousness since it’ll let in more light. As a result, your bathroom will seem larger.

With these tips, you can quickly and easily change the size perception of your bathroom. By optimizing the way you use the space and maximizing storage, your bathroom will look larger and more welcoming.

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