Using Glass Partitions to Divide Spaces

Learn more about glass partitions and how great they are for dividing the spaces in your home (or office), with lots of style.
Using Glass Partitions to Divide Spaces

Last update: 11 September, 2019

Do you have open-plan spaces in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with? Look no further: today we’re going to tell you all about the wonders of glass partitions. We’ll also show you some of the different materials you can get them in, and how you can use them to divide your spaces.

Glass partitions

Partitions are structures you use in place of walls. What they do is divide your spaces in a total, or partial way. So, if you have any large areas in your home or office and want to divide them to have more privacy, glass partitions might be the thing you’ve been looking for!

Glass is a strong material that allows you to simultaneously divide a space without actually creating a separation. The transparency it offers means you can still see everything. On top of that, the transparency will keep the space feeling bright and big. Keep reading to see the different types of glass partitions and how to use them.

Types of partitions

Glass partitions can look gorgeous in your home or office, no matter what form they take. There are lots of different styles, formats, materials (and combinations), and all kinds of ways to use them.

Total enclosure

Partitions that totally enclose a space are a common way to create an entirely separate area in a home. People generally use them to create a new room. Using a glass partition for this could be perfect if you’re trying to divide a big space and make something like an office in your home.

Partial enclosure

The other option is to use partitions for a partial enclosure. In this case, you use sheets of glass that act as panels and only separate a part of a space. This will make the area feel much bigger. There are also different shapes and heights you can use depending on the effect you want.


There are a lot of different materials to choose from when it comes to glass partitions. For example, you could pick out panels that are totally transparent, or frosted. It depends on what you want.

Transparent glass

If you want the space to feel clean and modern, you should use a 100% transparent, textureless glass. This will make the areas you’re dividing with it much brighter. But be careful if you have pets or small children. Big structures made of clear glass can be dangerous.

Frosted glass and other types

You could also opt for frosted glass. This is translucent, which means it gives you some privacy, but still allows light in and keep the space bright. This type is very common and looks really nice in both home and office interiors.

There are also textured versions of frosted glass. We’re talking about things like a dented, fluted, or sandpaper finish. There are lots more options, though. Choose the kind you like best for your glass partitions and get dividing!


Your glass partitions don’t have to be made of just glass. You can also find some that include other materials too. For example, you might see some out there that combine glass with wooden, iron, or steel frames. That’s a great option if you want your divided spaces to look even more distinct.

Separate your spaces

Once you’ve chosen the specific partitions you’re going to use, you can start to figure out how you’re going to divide the spaces. You should do some planning before you install anything, though. Sketches tend to be a great way to visualize the space.

Separate your living room and kitchen

If you have an open plan living room and kitchen, it can be a great idea to separate them with glass partitions. This is also a good idea because it will keep the smells from the kitchen from getting into the rest of your home. You can do partial or total enclosure–it all depends on what you want.

The end result will be two of the spaces in your home divided by a gorgeous glass partition in the style you like.

Make two separate spaces in your bathroom

Another great option is to divide up the space in your bathroom. If yours is especially big, you can play around by putting a small dressing room within it. One of the more common options here is to enclose your shower or bathtub with glass partitions.

Create an office space within your home

Our last idea for the day is to set aside a corner of your house and turn it into a small office space. By using glass partitions for this, not only will you be dividing the spaces, but you’ll also be creating a new room in your home.

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to glass partitions and where to use them. The main thing to consider is your personal taste and what you’re trying to get out of divided spaces. So, choose the style you like best and divide your spaces in a way that seems ideal for you!