Under-Sink Cabinets - a Practical Solution

Do you like to have a neat and well-organized bathroom? Then under-sink cabinets are good options for you. Read on to learn more!
Under-Sink Cabinets - a Practical Solution

Last update: 14 August, 2020

Under-sink cabinets offer valuable storage space and define your bathroom’s style. For this reason, we’ve decided to share some information on under-sink cabinets, as they’re as practical as they are decorative.

Under-sink cabinets – a lot of options to choose from

If your bathroom is small, this furniture will be ideal for storing towels and bathroom supplies, without having to take up extra space.

Do you want to discover some striking under-sink cabinet designs? Then take note because you’re going to love these!

A complete MDF under-sink cabinet

A under sink cabinet.
Image: pinterest.es

This piece of furniture is custom made. It imitates an old chest of drawers to give your bathroom a rustic touch. Use MDF and paint it the same color as your walls to create a clean and bright environment.

Make the most of the space and build the unit around the drain.

Lastly, cover the top and sides with a beige Silestone countertop. Once you finish, all you’ll have to do is think about the items that you’re going to store there!

A combination of shelves, drawers, and baskets

A white bathroom.
Image: pinterest.es

This design uses tropical wood, such as iroko, since it’s suitable for bathrooms due to its resistance to moisture and its aesthetics.

Keep in mind that, if your bathroom is small, the intense color of this wood can darken the environment. So, you should replace it with another lighter material. Travertine marble is a great option!

To continue with the design of your under-sink cabinet, intersperse open shelves and light vegetable fiber baskets that will help you to have everything well organized.

What do you think about using a cream marble countertop? This will make everything look lighter and stronger.

Under-sink cabinets that make the most of space

A vanity.
Image: pinterest.es

If you have a wide countertop, you’ll love this idea because you’ll be able to take advantage of all the space underneath. You can use baskets and modules with drawers that will help you keep your belongings well-organized and concealed from sight.

If you want to add a rustic and warm note to the bathroom, you should choose a wood and vegetable fiber chest of drawers and two different sized rattan chests. This is a great place to store towels and small accessories!

A white wood and glass design

A rustic bathroom.
Image: pinterest.es

This solution is a perfect option both for choosing a new vanity unit and for renovating an old one since the intention is to integrate it with the countertop as much as possible.

This under-sink cabinet is covered in macael marble and painted in a brilliant white. What do you think if, instead of doors, you use small white curtains attached to small rods?

Regarding details, we recommend using porcelain handles with small floral motifs in different colors.

Contemporary under-sink cabinets in a classic bathroom

Gray bathroom.
Image: pinterest.es

If you have a classic bathroom, you can give it a modern touch with an under-sink cabinet made of fiberboard painted in ecru.

Choose wooden slatted doors and add stylish steel handles to them. A good idea to partition the piece of furniture is to opt for two two-door cabinets and four drawers.

A very functional idea in light-colored wood

A white modern bathroom.
Image: pinterest.es

If you want to make your under-sink cabinet look lighter, use maple wood. The idea is to suspend it so it isn’t touching the floor, creating a clear area with free space.

You can recover the space you lose with your under-sink cabinet by placing embedded glass shelves on one of the side walls.

Do you know which of these under-sink cabinets you like the most? They’re all very practical!

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