Why You Should Keep Your Clothes Drawers Organized

Keep your clothes drawers clean and tidy. Organized drawers will help you feel better.
Why You Should Keep Your Clothes Drawers Organized

Last update: 04 November, 2019

Keeping your home organized is essential and all your family members should do their part. And that means the details, too – clothes drawers.

Falling into messy habits is all too easy, especially in bedrooms. Bedrooms are private spaces that we use on a daily basis so it’s normal that they can get messy. But you just need to stick to good cleaning and organization habits.

The stress from everyday life and the hours we spend outside of our home rob us of the time we need for home chores. In light of that, actively make time every day to keep your home healthy and beautiful.

Disorder leads to chaos

clothes drawers disorder

If you set aside time in your life for healthy habits, such as exercise or organizing diets, why not do it for your home as well? Socially speaking, people don’t appreciate coming back to a clean, orderly home as much as they should.

Ultimately, an orderly home means well-being and comfort. On the contrary, a messy home will harbor stress within its walls. And your home shouldn’t create stress.

Disorder leads to chaos. With that in mind, the less time you dedicate to your home, the further you’ll fall behind with your housekeeping. And nobody should walk down that path.

— Treat your home as good as you treat your body or relationships. —

Organizing your clothes drawers

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Your clothes are everyday items. Every day you go to your closet and open it to see your options. Keeping that in mind, which is better – an organized closet or a messy one?

  • An organized closet ensures no wrinkles along with minimal wear and tear. Folding your clothes away will have a different effect than throwing everything in carelessly.
  • Both your socks and undergarments should be organized in their drawers. Try keeping them in different sections to keep them separate and easier to find.
  • If you don’t fold shirts, they suffer tremendously, especially in humid climates. Wrinkles become more stubborn so in light of that, take the time to fold your shirts after washing or using them.
  • Try assigning each type of clothing to a different drawer. Mixing different clothes in a single drawer will only make it harder to find what you need.

What can you expect from following these tips? You’ll have a better organization system and an improved quality of life. Your mind and spirit will thank you for the changes.

Good cleaning and organization habits

clothes drawers habits

Cleaning is essential for any bedroom or dressing area. Wherever you keep your clothes, you should clean the area regularly to keep everything organized and eliminate any kind of dirt or dust.

  • Every day, put away the clothes that you use in your closet or drawers. Don’t leave any article strewn about and avoid making piles of clothing.
  • After you wash and dry your clothes, fold and put them away into their respective drawers carefully. Avoid overfilling drawers and ruining any items.
  • Store the clothes that you most frequently use in an easy-to-access drawer. On the other hand, reserve harder to reach areas for clothes like winter jackets as they’re only seasonal.
  • Hold yourself accountable for picking up your clothes every day. Always keep your clothes in their drawers and approach cleaning as a fun activity. By changing your perspective, you won’t feel under pressure.

— Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos.–

Heath Ledger

An organized home will make you feel better and your clothes will always be in perfect condition thanks to solid management of household chores. Organization and cleaning should always go hand in hand. By addressing both, you’ll feel great every time you walk in your front door.

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