2019's Best Doormats

Forget about those typical rectangular doormats that say "Welcome". These days, you can find them in different shapes (plants, animals, food...) or with positive and fun phrases. Learn more about your options in this post.
2019's Best Doormats

Last update: 05 June, 2019

In today’s post, we’d like to talk about the best doormats of 2019; we’re talking about the ones that have been making waves at stores.

Mats mainly serve for hygienic reasons: we should use them to wipe the soles of our street shoes. By using a doormat, we can keep the dirt and grime outside our home. So, keeping a doormat at your front door is a good idea, especially on snowy or rainy days because they translate into a lot of mud. To help us clean our shoes, mats have a rough texture.

Additionally, they’re a way to welcome guests to our home. Welcome mats are similar to entrance ways in that they’re both the first things that guests will see in our home. So, they help create the first impressions about us based on what they look like, their style and their condition.

The more traditional doormats are rectangular (conforming to the long shape of the door) and are just one color. In a lot of cases, they’re simply the color of the fiber of the mat itself. Mats should be made with strong materials that can last a long time.

However, these days, we can find doormats in all kinds of shapes (animals, foods). There are also some that feature a positive or funny message to welcome guests into our home.

Below, we’d like to leave you with some examples of the best doormats of 2019 that are really novel.

1. Originally-shaped doormats from Maisons du Monde

Though Maisons du Monde does offer some rectangular doormats as well, we were really drawn to the following products:

  • Pineapple and watermelon doormat: the former is 40 x 50 cm. and costs 10.99 euros. The watermelon mat, on the other hand, is 28 x 50 cm. and costs 9.99 euros. Remember that the tropical trend–which includes pineapples– is hot.
doormat pineapple
  • Cactus doormat: this mat is 45 x 40 cm. and costs 1..90 euros. Cacti don’t just belong in pots, which was is very popular, but they also work on clothes, wallpaper or home decor accessories.
Cactus doormat
  • “Welcome…” mat: for example: “Welcome summertime”, “Welcome to the beach” or “Welcome, make a wish”. These mats are actually rectangular and can be up to around 25 euros.
welcome mat

2. Doormats at Leroy Merlin

We also want to leave you with some of the best doormats that Leroy Merlin (link in Spanish) offer. They all use a non-slip PVC base and are made with natural coconut fibers. Some examples are:

  • Watermelon mat: this mat is 40 x 70 cm. and costs 14.95 euros.
Watermelon doormats
  • Doormat with text: for example: “Aquí dentro hay mucho amor” (There’s a lot of love inside here”), “Walk in with a smile”, “Whoever it might be”, “Don’t forget keys, wallet, phone”. All of them cost 14.95 euros.
doormats text

In the case for all of these mats, try not to expose them to direct sunlight or to constant humidity.

Don’t use water to clean them. Instead, shake them off, brush or vacuum them.

Wrap up

As you’ve read with us today, there are plenty of cute, original doormat options. Forget about the typical, rectangular doormat that’s short on decor or just say “Welcome”. You can find a practical one that’s also very decorative.

Remember that personalizing them yourself is also an option. You could use photos or a logo that’ll draw attention. Lastly, we hope that you liked our post on 2019’s best doormats and that you try one for your home.

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