Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cactus Plant

Considering the enormous variety of existing cacti available, we need to know just how to choose the right one.
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cactus Plant

Last update: 30 September, 2018

Cacti are part of the Cactaceae family, which is made up of some 300 different kinds and 2500 species. They originate from the Americas, hailing from areas with very specific climatic characteristics.

Don’t fall for the myth that claims cacti only grew in deserts. Only about a quarter of all species come from the desert.

Tips for choosing the right cacti

If you’re looking for a cactus plant, you might want to consider the following:

  • Know what kind of water you have where you live.

If you’re using hard water, get a decalcifier. Not using one would ultimately result in an iron deficiency for your cactus as the calcium present in your water would block the mineral. On the other hand, if your home uses soft water, you’ll have no problems when watering your plant with rainwater.

  • First and foremost, check your cactus’ outer appearance. The trunk should be robust and firm to touch.

If it’s fall or winter, the trunk might be a little wrinkly, but you shouldn’t worry about this.

  • Examine the cactus’ spikes. They should be dense and show a good color. These are the signs of a healthy cactus.
Cactus healthy
  • Never choose a cactus that shows signs of sickness or poor care.

This is easy to see because you’ll see spots or bruising. Additionally, another warning sign is a weak, pale trunk; it signals a lack of chlorophyll in the plant’s tissues.

  • Don’t buy a cactus that has a decorative fake flower attached to it.

They don’t even look good in the first place. Secondly, these kinds of decorations make it easier for infectious diseases to enter the plant.

These flowers are completely fake. Removing them (if you don’t like them), will leave behind a small wound but don’t worry, your cactus will heal quickly.

It takes a lot time for flowers to bloom naturally on cacti, so using fake ones is a selling ploy for higher sales.

Tips on choosing the right cactus – space and available equipment

  • First and foremost, you should think about if you’ll keep your cactus indoors or outdoors. Knowing where you’ll place your cactus will help you choose the right size.
  • When watering your plant, both the space and pot material are important factors.

If you’re going to have an indoor cactus, ceramic or plastic pots will be your best choice as they retain a lot of water. Clay pots, on the other hand, make it easier for water to evaporate.

Outdoor cacti retain more water partly because they grow directly in the ground.

Cactus indoors outdoors growth

Other tips for choosing the right catus – where and how to buy them

  • Don’t choose your cactus just by price, there’ll be a difference in the cactus’ quality and condition.
  • If you want to plant your own cactus, start with the variety that grow easily.
  • Keep in mind that many cacti growth and sales are regulated.

Regulations have been put in place because cacti plants often end up as products on the illegal market. If you’re not sure that a cactus came from a nursery, you’re better off not buying it.

  • If you buy a cactus on the internet, check the estimated shipping time.

Internet shopping is more and more popular, but we still need to be sure (for the cactus’ sake) that there won’t be any delays in shipping.

  • The best way to buy a cactus is at a store.

However, the problem with store-bought cacti is that the plant substrate tends to be lacking. Thus, make sure to replant the cactus as soon as possible.

In addition, the cacti are often unclassified. From this point of view, you’re blindly buying a plant, unable to identify which species it is.

Cactus buying tips

On the other hand, expos are the ideal place for a high-quality cactus in addition to a chance to talk to cactus experts.

There are cactus expos dotted throughout Spain that are held annually.

Lastly, don’t forget that cacti don’t require too much care. They go up to two or three weeks without being watered. That’ll be a big help, especially in situations such as when you go on vacation.

So, we hope that you’re interested in learning about the benefits about these adaptable and lovely cacti plants. On top of everything that they offer, they’re beautiful and add original character to any space.