Rustic Vintage Bathrooms

Rustic bathrooms have never left the scene. Check out some beautiful examples in our post today.
Rustic Vintage Bathrooms

Last update: 15 July, 2019

At first, rustic vintage might sound like an odd combination. It’s a normal assumption because they’re rarely used together, much less for bathroom decor. But you’ll love how these decor styles actually work perfectly together to create cozy, warm settings that really feel like home.

They also create a decor that has something special, which will convert your bathroom into one of the most original areas of your home. Keep on reading and discover the beauty of these rustic vintage bathrooms.

1. Wood and light green bathroom

Our first rustic vintage bathroom is nice and big with natural wooden walls along with light green counters.

The rustic touch comes from the walls. This bathroom uses aged natural wood. A layer of varnish helps protect the wood while enhancing its visual appeal.

The bathroom entrance really gives way to the beautiful trunks that enhance the room. The trunks are wonderfully rustic and natural while creating a warm, homey space.

rustic vintage bathroom wood green

There is nothing else that’s especially rustic but the decor style couldn’t be more pronounced. On top of the rustic decor, the color of the counters adds a vintage feel as well. The light green evokes memories of furniture pieces from the 70s and 80s. In addition to the color, we see straight, simple lines that look for functionality. The overall room decor works because the accessories are white and light green. Thanks to these colors, the rug, toilet, and tub match the setting perfectly.

The vintage-rustic combo creates a truly original space where rustic and vintage decor team up to create a different yet very functional bathroom.

2. Aged rustic vintage bathroom

Our second example for rustic vintage bathrooms is for our bolder readers. As you can see in the image below, at first glance, it looks abandoned or like a movie set. But it’s actually a functional bathroom that uses both rustic elements and vintage pieces. An off-white and purposely aged decor bring the two decor styles together.

The main vintage elements include the chair and tub. Both pieces feature curved lines and plenty of personality. They really jump out and play a clear decorative role in the bathroom. A set of vintage accessories like vases, a ladder, and a stool complement them.

rustic vintage bathroom aged

Moving on, the rustic decor is created by the floor, walls and ceiling. The floor is an aged laminate wood flooring that works perfectly with the rest of the room and it also adds warmth to the setting. The wooden ceiling enhances the rustic atmosphere and plays a key role in providing that aged feel.

The back wall might very well be the most daring part of the decor. On this, we see a muddy gray color with a messy white layer on top. The first layer is exposed thanks to a stripped effect. The end result creates a perfect ambiance for the bathroom.


Though we’re not completely used to seeing them together, rustic and vintage decor go together perfectly. If you’re looking for a different bathroom that’s original yet warm, this decor duo is the way to go.

And you can combine these styles in different ways, just as you saw above with the two examples. Remember to look for elements that can unite them such as accessories, colors or materials for balanced decor. Try making your own rustic vintage bathroom. You’ve seen it for yourself, the results are incredible.

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