The Charm of Neutral Tones in Home Decor

Know everything that neutral tones can do for your home decor. Far from being bland, they have so many virtues that you'll fall in love.
The Charm of Neutral Tones in Home Decor

Last update: 09 March, 2022

Much is said about neutral tones in home decor, but despite everything, they’re very undervalued. Some people still think that they’re bland, that they only serve as fill colors or that they’re not capable of filling spaces with life.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! They’re actually very useful because they can do a lot to create harmony and they suit any style. Pay attention because you’ll quickly discover a huge number of reasons to love them.

Neutral tones are your friends

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They fill any place with light, they bring warmth, they relax and they’re timeless…neutral tones have so many advantages that it’s impossible not to surrender to their charms. Use them to decorate your home and you’ll see how they make things easier for you because, in addition to everything else, they’re super versatile.

They give a homey look

Neutral tones are capable of adding a touch of quality to any environment, either when combined with each other or by playing with furniture materials and textures.

Wood and metal can be a perfect match and show off their neutrality when it comes to color. Depending on the type of wood, choose beige or earth colors. When combined with gray metal, you’ll achieve a cozy balance.

They support the role of other items

If you have a piece of furniture in your living room that you want to stand out, decorate it in neutral tones. Have the walls, coffee table, and rug in off-white, and add a gray sofa with some mustard-colored accessories. This will give touches of joy.

Neutral tones multiply luminosity

If your house is a bit dark, white and gray are your allies to lighten it up. They have magical powers when it comes to capturing light and distributing it evenly throughout the space.

Use them without fear, especially if you have a window nearby. You’ll see how they catch the sun’s rays and project them beautifully.

Perfect for open spaces

Do you have an open kitchen? In addition to a treasure, you have the possibility of creating a much more harmonious house. Neutral tones get along very well in open spaces, since they unify different areas.

How? The key is to choose a couple of colors, three at most, and add elements of the same tone in different areas. For example, the dining table in gray, along with the rug in the living room and the kitchen stools.

Neutral tones give amplitude

Don’t limit yourself to just one shade. White has more than 30 different shades, so you can combine them and create rich and spacious rooms. Add some earth colors through plants and natural fiber accessories and you’ll neutralize any feelings of coldness.

Neutral colors are very easy to combine

The biggest advantage of neutral colors is that they combine with any other color. Mixing them together guarantees success and you’ll be able to create a relaxed environment.

Equally, if you coordinate them with red, yellow, green, blue, or purple, you’ll have rooms with a lot more character and personality.

They’re clean colors

There’s nothing better than having a kitchen in neutral tones; in fact, white never goes out of style. They’re clean, stimulating, and have the added bonus of generating visual space.

Colored kitchens were in fashion a few years ago, but the latest trend is much calmer. If you combine white with wooden floors or a rug with a geometric pattern, you’ll create an undeniably beautiful space.

A sure hit with any style

The advantage of any neutral tone is that it not only goes well with the most minimalist decor but also ties wonderfully with any other style.

Think about how well white and earth tones work with the rustic look. Or the beauty of combining gray for the Mid Century style. The industrial, the Nordic (obviously) and even the most modern style…everyone agrees that neutrals are full of virtues and advantages.

Decorating with neutral tones will always be a good idea. They go well with all colors and materials, plus they’re so clean and bright that it’s impossible to resist them.

They can be the perfect base for you to create the environment that you like the most in your home. Why not try using a color like turquoise? You’ll give life to much more stimulating spaces.

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