Six Decorative Ideas for White Kitchens

To enhance the beauty of white kitchens, you should consider, among other decorative ideas, the flooring. Alongside your carefully chosen accessories of course!
Six Decorative Ideas for White Kitchens

Last update: 30 May, 2021

White kitchens are timeless, they never go out of style and they fit any space. They have great advantages such as the illusion of spaciousness that they generate, even if your kitchen is small. In addition, any natural light is projected better.

In fact, there are some kitchens that, depending on the location of the appliances and cabinets, are perfect to integrate into the living room. It’s precisely these types of ideas that we’ll share with you in this article. So you can get the most out of your white kitchen.

Six decorative ideas for white kitchens

If you already have a white kitchen or you’re thinking of remodeling it and opting for this type, consider these ideas to further enhance its natural beauty.

1. Consider the handles

Use black handles for contrast.

The door handles are important and make cupboards easy to open. Don’t settle for their functionality alone. Instead, seek to integrate them into the decoration of your white kitchen with a contrasting color such as black. This will stylize the silhouettes of the furniture a little more and provide a focus.

Now, if pure minimalism is your thing, you’ll also find cupboards without handles. This is also a good option depending on what you want to achieve in your kitchen.

2. White kitchens: don’t forget the kitchen island

The kitchen island works great, especially if it’s spacious. In the case of a white kitchen, you can use a white island, or add a touch of color that generates chromatic contrast. One option for this is using white terrazzo with gray tones.

Remember, the seating around the island also contributes to the design. Wood or metal seating with thin legs will look great. Choose the latter if you want your kitchen to have an industrial style.

3. Add warmth to white kitchens

Add warmth to your white kitchen.

White kitchens have the advantage of looking good with everything. To add warmth, wooden accessories are ideal, such as chairs and tables, among other decorative objects. Let in the natural light with open windows and try to leave space for some plants.

In the case of open and integrated kitchens with the living room, that warm touch makes the spaces integrate in a natural way. So choose an island or bar that’s not too high, so that it doesn’t obstruct the space around it. 

4. Show off your special accessories

Let everyone who enters your home see that porcelain tea set that you love so much or that exclusive tableware set, with the use of open cabinets or shelves. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is large or small, there are options for everyone.

In fact, in a small kitchen you can try a vertical custom display cabinet. So you can optimize your space while still giving relevance to your treasured possessions.

5. Don’t forget about the flooring

The wooden floor goes very well with the white kitchens.

When remodeling the kitchen, you should always consider what the floor will look like. If you want to continue to give the impression of space in the kitchen, choose a white floor. Similar to the island, you can also give the floor a touch of color using white terrazzo with gray.

If, on the contrary, you want more warmth, opt for a wooden floor. Of course, make sure that it’s made of a resistant, durable material, easy to clean and disinfect. Don’t forget that there are several materials that imitate wood. Consider using this too.

6. Use white to camouflage the kitchen

Small kitchens have some limitations, but it’s always possible to make them look good, and white does that perfectly. Don’t make it noticeable that your small kitchen shares its space with the dining or living room. To achieve this, you must integrate the kitchen furniture with the adjoining walls, so everything must be white.

In addition to helping camouflage the spaces, you’ll enjoy great lighting for your small room. However, try not to expose the utensils and appliances too much.

What do you think of these decorative ideas for white kitchens?

The good thing about white kitchens is, as we’ve said, they allow us to play with many decorative elements. Although this color is neutral, we can give it some other color touches without losing the essence. And this gives a lot of style to this space.

Choose the ideas that you like the most and transform your kitchen with the color white. Don’t forget that you can also use white countertops and appliances.

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