5 Types of Hanging Shelves

To decorate the walls in your house, hanging shelves have become a popular choice.
5 Types of Hanging Shelves

Last update: 03 June, 2020

Everyone likes to have an organized home with enough space. WE’re going to tell you about 5 useful types of hanging shelves, which can fit in every room.

We often make the mistake of over decorating rooms with too much furniture. This can take up most of the space in your home and blocks walkways, breaks the concept of transparency and makes your home less functional.

With furniture placed at a higher level, we can gain space below it. There’s no doubt that there’s always a solution in the world of decoration to ease our day-to-day life.

1. Shelves fixed on walls

wall shelves

A way of gaining space, wherever in the house, is through wall shelving. It creates a union between the framework and the decoration. 

The picture above looks like the shelves emerge horizontally from a vertical wall, achieving a stable effect.

How to fix them? Screws, eye lags, screw hooks, and angled nails help to efficiently support shelves for many years. Of course, you shouldn’t put too much on them. Be careful with decorations.

Usually, this type of shelf is rectangular and made out of wood. Also, they are very easy to put up and don’t require a professional. We can buy the material ourselves and do our own handy work.

It’s important to look for adequate ways of gaining space in interiors. 

2. Hanging shelves with rope

hanging shelves string

Unlike fixed shelves on the wall, those hanging with rope from the ceiling add an original and rustic touch to your home. Let’s look at how to install them in three steps:

1. The first thing to do is to find a wooden shelf which isn’t too heavy. Keep in mind that it’s hanging and you should avoid placing heavy objects on it.

2. The holders need to be on the ceiling. Two ropes must remain tight to perfectly support the shelf.

3. To attach it correctly, the shelf must hang from two hooks on the ceiling. This is the best way of supporting it efficiently.

3. Hanging shelves in corners

corner wall shelves

Who said you can only put shelves on large surface areas? Corners can also be used. 

This idea breaks from shelving stereotypes and shelves which usually tend to be on vertical walls.

For corners, shelves can either be fixed to the wall or hanging from the ceiling. The aim is to use those areas in empty rooms.

4. Geometrically shaped shelves

We usually use straight shelves as they are a way of creating decoration efficiently and functionally. However, there are other possibilities which can help you to enliven a room’s aesthetic.

Square, rectangular, hexagon, octagon, and round shapes are also interesting. More so, you can play around with different volumes, choosing shelves of different sizes, and achieve stunning results. 

Different types of hanging shelves offer us a wide range of possibilities.

5. Hanging forge shelves

hanging forge shelf

This type of shelf is probably a bit more difficult to put up, basically because it’s heavier than wooden shelves. It will indeed be an eye-catching element in your home, especially if it has curved lines.

Forge hanging shelves stay up with screws and eye lags to make sure they’re well supported and stay up. Also, we need to highlight the fact that black is a tone that helps to make it stand out and gives it a more reliable aspect.

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