Top Tips for Mid-Century Decor

Mid-Century decor in your house will transform it into a Mad Men television set. Do you fancy decorating your home with some iconic features?
Top Tips for Mid-Century Decor

Last update: 12 May, 2020

In the mid 20th century, a new decor trend emerged relying on a technological and functional design that’s affordable. This 50s decor is known as Mid-Century. Thanks to the Mad Men television series, it caught our eye and found its place in our homes. Would you like to know what the top tips are for this style?

A very retro style

mid century grey blue room

The Mid-Century style is based on furniture functionality. This is why many features from that era continue to prevail even nowadays. Even though simplicity is key, shapes are never overlooked. Forget about extravagance or curved lines, neat and refined designs are what stand out here.

Regarding the materials, wood is key and above all in its original color. Low units with slightly inclined feet are very representative of this era.

The industrial influence is one of the other aspects defining Mid-Century decor. We see it reflected in metal objects and mechanical devices. We mustn’t forget that everything revolving around machinery and manual progress was in full bloom at the time.

Also, geometrical motifs cover fabrics, especially cushions and carpets. However, be careful to not visually saturate the space.

As for lamps, they are another key element in Mid-Century decor. Lamps can be metal, in copper and silver tones. They’re a perfect match when combined with simple and low wooden furniture.

In terms of the chromatic palette, this aims to achieve a relaxed feel by using neutral colors (white, brown, beige, or grey) on walls as well as floors and large furniture. Bright colors, like yellow, orange, blue, or bottle green, are found on accessories.

Iconic features of Mid-Century decor

Another aspect defining this era was the emergence of some very representative furniture and decoration objects. Do you know which ones we’re referring to? You’ll be surprised.

Eames chairs

eames chair

As designer chairs are currently in vogue, you’ve surely heard of this model designed by Ray and Charles Eames who displayed it at the MoMA. It’s characterized by the seat and the backrest made out of one single piece.

Mid-Century décor – Tulip chair

Tulip chair

The Tulip chair, inspired and created by Eero Saarinen in 1955, is another iconic feature we’re passionate about for its avant-garde design. It’s one of our favorites along with the Tulip table, its faithful companion.

Egg armchair

egg armchair

In 1958, the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen brought to life this egg-shaped armchair. It’s functional, simple, and super comfortable.

Sun mirrors

sun mirror

Yet another classic. The sun mirror is back in fashion, decorating our walls. Even though it dates from before Art Deco, it became popular in the ’50s, especially the bronze ones by Line Vautrin.

Mid-Century decor – the calendar


formosa calendar

You have certainly already seen this and may wish you had one hanging up in your house. Enzo Mari designed this Formosa calendar for Danese Milano in 1962. It’s timeless and looks as fashionable as ever. You can find it in English, French, Italian, and German.

Pop art

campbells tomato can

Around that time, Andy Warhol, his Campbell’s soup cans, and his printouts of Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn’s face were just starting to become popular. The strong colors and the allusion to the industrial age are key points in his work.

Add a hint of sophistication to your house with Mid-Century decor and you’ll feel like Don Draper.