Painted Wallpaper - A Transforming Element

Painted wallpaper with tropical botanical designs is strong this year, especially the kind with large leaves in dark green. However, there are other popular designs, such as those with geometric motifs. There are even some 3D ones that look just like brick.
Painted Wallpaper - A Transforming Element

Last update: 24 June, 2020

Transforming spaces is an exciting activity for those who run the world of decor. There are many ways to go about it, depending on the available design materials. However, it’s been quite fashionable to use painted wallpaper for some time.

Furthermore, wallpaper is a highly versatile decorative element. There are thousands of designs to choose from and hanging it is becoming easier so that anyone can use it to decorate their home. Not only that, but they can also do it fast.

Once up, wallpaper can completely change the perception of a space. You can do it without changing the furniture or any other design elements.

BRICONEO offers a wide variety of designs and styles. It’s made with high-quality materials so it has a long life and always looks like new. It doesn’t lose color even when exposed to sunlight and also requires little maintenance. Also, it leaves no marks when you remove it.

Freedom, the great advantage of painted wallpaper

A living room with painted wallpaper.
Vintage Wallpaper – Wallpaper 349002 A.S. Création Björn. BRICONEO

The great advantage that wallpaper offers is the complete freedom in interior decoration, for a bedroom, a living room, a hallway, or any other room. It adapts to any space and you can renew it as many times as you wish.

Although when thinking about this element, you usually imagine completely smooth surfaces, the truth is there are many types with relief surfaces.

The wallpaper can be hung on one or more complete walls, or only on the upper or lower half of them. Some people use it on the main wall of the room, while others prefer to put it on all the walls, to have a sense of continuity.

This decorative element can have various combinations. For example, a plain pattern can be used to decorate the top half of a wall and a relief pattern for the bottom. There are many possibilities – it depends on your preferences and imagination.

A dining room with painted wallpaper.
Tropical Wallpaper – Wallpaper 366242 Livingwalls Colibri. BRICONEO

Other advantages of painted wallpaper

The wallpapering process is fairly straightforward. Only the non-self-adhesive kind require paste to stick it to the wall. However, this is seldom a problem.

Regardless of whether or not wallpaper has relief or is plain, it’s easy to put up yourself. You don´t need to hire a professional nor use special tools.

The wide variety of designs makes them even more striking, such as a glossy finish on the vinyl paper, for example.

The three-dimensional effect that some wallpapers have is a feature that provides interesting decoration. A spectacular example of this effect can be found with those that imitate brick.

A desk in front a brick wall.
Brick wallpaper – Wallpaper 30747-2 A.S. Création Decoworld 2. BRICONEO.

Tropical botanical designs, that is, those with large leaves, with exotic shapes and dark green tones, continue to be popular this year. They look great when integrated into spaces decorated with furniture with simple features, such as the minimalistic style.

Some papers with a tropical design contain flowers to provide greater visual richness and contrast, as you can see here:

A bedroom in green tones.
Flower wallpaper – Wallpaper 365181 Michalsky Living Dream Again. BRICONEO

Also, other designs that are fashionable this year are:

  • Various types of bricks such as English red, natural, sand, Havana, etc.
  • Vintage designs, both floral in neutral tones, small motifs, and geometric in pastel tones.

Lastly, note that wallpaper isn’t exclusive for home decoration. You can also use it to decorate offices, shops, and other spaces.

For instance, have you noticed the design in your favorite pub?

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