Pub Decor - Design Elements to Keep in Mind

Pub decor is all about creating a space where people feel welcome, comfortable and identify with the place enough so it feels like a second home.
Pub Decor - Design Elements to Keep in Mind

Last update: 23 October, 2019

Are you thinking about opening your own bar and thinking about pub decor? You may not know it but many people go out at night and are always looking for that one place that feels like a second home. So, keep the following tips in mind as you begin planning your design.

Most of the time people associate the night world with college students. However, there are other sectors of the population, such as adults, who also have the energy and the inclination to go out and have fun.

So, for this, we need pubs where we can enjoy ourselves and disconnect from work. Depending on our age we’ll like a certain type of bar. So, we’ll most likely directly influence the music and the drinks that are served in it.

I have a pub, now what?

A pub at night.

You’ve probably wondered what type of pub you should go after. Perhaps you inherited it or bought it or simply wish to remodel the one you already have.

However, you must have a clear idea of what you want to do with it. Unless you know what you’re doing, it isn’t easy to design an attractive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place. So, the first thing you’ll have to do is analyze the following:

  • Market: You must evaluate the type of clientele who comes into your pub. Are they young or older adults? Thus, the current demand you have is a fundamental factor, and you must study it well.
  • Musical style: These bars are usually tied to a specific audience or type of music, so tie the aesthetics to the music you’ll have in your bar.
  • Set a goal: Figure out the type of design that you wish to do in your bar and in which direction you’d like to direct it.

“If you already have a pub, recognize the weak points in your decor.”

Pub decor for a student clientele

A student pub.

These types of bars are all about offering a youthful, interesting, different and demanding sort of look. You must avoid classic environments, luxury and pretty much anything having to do with the “adult” world. Here’s some advice for you to keep in mind:

  • Have a wide wooden bar with metal or wooden stools for a relaxed and simple atmosphere.
  • Dim the lights at the bar so it isn’t too bright. You want to generate a nightlife that’s alternative and progressive. You can place lights behind the bottles on the wall of the bar and on the beer taps, to focus on the available drinks.
  • Place wooden tables and chairs or opt for high tables with high stools for a more youthful style. In this case, it’ll depend on whether you offer full dinner or just finger food and appetizers.
  • When it comes to decor, wooden furniture kind of transports us to those typical Irish pubs where it’s all about leisure and fun.
  • To decorate the walls consider using car license plates, old advertising signs, urban landscapes, etc. Brick walls are also very popular in this type of urban style.

“Make the pub a place where people can get out of their routine.”

Pub decor for an adult clientele

A pub for adults.

These types of pubs usually have a more measured and sophisticated look to them. The furniture has a more personal touch and every detail is important. The decor plays a fundamental role in the attractiveness of the place.

  • Use wooden or wrought iron tables and chairs, there are some great ones out there that have marble tops.
  • Install lights with dimmers or low intensity. Again, you’re after a relaxed and nocturnal environment here. You can even opt for antique or vintage lamps.
  • This type of pub bar could have metal and stone accents, it’ll reflect a more elaborate look.
  • For the wall decoration use sculptures, curtains, mirrors, avant-garde paintings, etc. This is the kind of clientele that’ll appreciate your taste for art.

Musical decor

Finally, if your pub is going to be a music venue, then the decoration should be in tune with it. The age of the people who go to these places doesn’t matter too much here. This is because, if they like the music, the atmosphere, and the decoration, then they’ll come in all the same.

  • For a rock pub, you can use LPs, band posters, electric guitars, etc. But, above all, use metal and wood as your main materials.
  • When it comes to an 80’s pub-style keep in mind that era sported leather jackets, posters, cassettes, etc.
  • As for an alternative-pop pub, your atmosphere must be progressive and different. So, play with the lights, place images of iconic people, LPs, use colorful furniture, etc.

“It’s all about people identifying with your pub.”

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