Vintage Music Sets for Living Room Decor

Vintage music sets have become a hot decor accessory. These mid-20th century pieces are priceless and enhance any modern setting.
Vintage Music Sets for Living Room Decor

Last update: 29 September, 2019

Vintage music sets have become a popular decor accessory for living rooms. And besides, if you can reuse an antique, you won’t need to buy a new one.

That’s not the only appeal; antique music players will give your rooms a more intimate and distinguished air. Instead of choosing a modern, digital and bulky set, we encourage you to search for old ones and use them in your home decor.

Music players have climbed their way to popularity in the past century. A great example is the record player. These have dominated the world of music players and are still around today.

While digital devices have replaced old-time music sets, you can still find them here and there.

Today, you can still find record players and vintage music sets in many flea markets or antique shops. Below, we have some ideas for using retro sets to create a special living room decor.

Vintage music sets – tube radios

antique music set tube

Antique radios have almost completely disappeared from everyday life, but they still hang around country homes and attics. You can give them a second life as a decor accessory.

Today, tube radios are collection items. These bakelite and wood radios that are entirely mono can be the perfect piece for your classic living room decor.

Tube radios took a while to warm up and start. The classic Philetta, released by Philips in the 50s, was a famous piece back in the day.

Philetta was extremely popular and, thanks to some tinkering with more modern materials such as plastic and digital chips, is still around today. In addition to the changes made by companies themselves, some collectors also track down antique radios and restore or repair them.

For some time now, people have actually been making their own tube radios with modern materials as well. Here’s a tip: this kind of radio fits better into a space that’s specifically designed for it. Avoid cramming your setting with other elements that will distract onlookers from the radio.

Even if you find a radio that doesn’t work, you can buy it as a decoration piece and give it the spotlight. They’re usually quite large so they’ll stand out on their own. Find one for your living room and it’ll fill it right up.

Record players have been making a popular comeback as decor pieces for living rooms and home entrances.

Vintage music sets – record players

vintage music set record player

Record players have come back in style as decor pieces for living rooms or any other space in homes. Aside from filling a home with music, this music set can fit into a setting perfectly. You can use them to create a vintage air.

Their powerful comeback is undeniable and has gained serious status as a decor accessory. They can work perfectly alongside modern elements without clashing. Additionally, vinyl disks are an added bonus. The disks themselves are wonderful decor pieces for home decor.

These music sets have actually come back with so much style that they’re selling as they used to in the past. It’s no wonder as anyone who buys vinyl disks has to buy a record player as well. As a result, record players have become key pieces for living room decor.

Their comeback isn’t slowing down and has impacted pop culture as well. These pieces need their own space. Set them up at waist-level height and don’t store anything on top of them. Giving them their own space will also give you your own music corner, full of vinyl disks and vintage pieces.


vintage music set boombox

Thanks to their smaller size, boomboxes are pretty  convenient. Set up space for one on a shelf, table or a dresser. If it still works, you can enjoy music as well.

Many popular 70s and 80s brands from Japan, such as Sony, Sansui or Pioneer, offered great economic options. You can still find boomboxes at a great price.

Here’s a tip: boomboxes work great on shelving units. You can add additional decor accessories such as old photos, antique books or simply an informative text that explains a little more about the boombox, such as its origin or maker.

Modern music sets inspired by older times

vintage music set modern

Today, there are also many options that combine modern technology with a vintage look. Thanks to the combination of materials, patterns and colors, they recreate a look that’s true to the 60s and 70s while offering modern features.

You have a huge variety of options at your fingertips. Some music sets offer programmed radio stations, 24-hour battery life, iPod and USB ports or even Bluetooth technology.

As you’ve read with us today, when it comes to vintage music sets, there are so many decor options for your living room. Whether they’re big or small, they can be a great decor pieces for spaces with a retro feel.