Original Ideas to Decorate your Shelves with Jars

In this article you will find some original ideas to decorate your shelves with jars.
Original Ideas to Decorate your Shelves with Jars

Last update: 19 February, 2019

Is a special touch missing from the shelves in your home? Do they need a bit of a facelift? Choosing jars to decorate them is a great idea. It’s very simple to decorate shelves with jars since you have various different options at your disposal.

Combine jars of different sizes, shapes, heights, and colors. Also, you could try decorating your own jars or filling transparent jars up with something pretty, such as pebbles or seashells.

These decor objects can be used in different rooms of the house. Below, you will find some pretty ideas, as well as what type of jars you can choose depending on the decor and appearance of your home.

How to decorate shelves with jars

Use a variety of jars to decorate your shelves with jars

To decorate shelves with jars, you will need to take into account the existing colors and textures that form the decor of the different rooms in your house. By doing so, you will be able to choose shapes and colors that either provide contrast or that accentuate the appearance of the room.

Also, keep in mind that shelves aren’t just a place to store stuff. Rather, they are also ideal for including decorative items and adding to the aesthetic of the room. Firstly, c reate some room on your shelves, then decorate them with designer jars.

Decorative jars

You could just use designer jars on their own to decorate shelves with jars

Jars even just on their own can carry out the role of adding decor items to a room. So you could decorate your shelves with jars without even needing to put anything inside them. There is an infinite variety of designs, shapes, and sizes you can find in jars to decorate your home.

You can find plain or tinted glass jars, earthenware jugs, ceramic, porcelain, and even concrete, etc. Choose the jars you like best and that you can adapt to your existing decor.

Jars with different shapes

Decorate your shelves with jars of different shapes

There are some types of jars made in different shapes, that are really interesting and pretty. You’ll find them with shapes such as rectangular prisms, pyramids, hexagon-shaped jars, and many more designs.

These jars would sit excellently on shelves in homes with a minimalist style decor. Decorate your shelves by placing various jars with different shapes on them, and play around with the different shapes, heights, and colors to create effects.

Simple jars

Decorate your shelves with jars of the same kind to create an orderly row

A very pretty option to decorate shelves could be to acquire several medium sized jars, with the same shape, height and made of the same material. If you’re a fan of order and repeating patterns in decor, this would be an excellent option. With this in mind, you could include several identical jars in a row, one after the other, on a long shelf.

You could decorate your shelves with jars of different colors

Different materials and finishes to create jars have been evolving over time. The most outstanding feature of the jars you can commonly find today is the wide variety of colors you see on the market: whites, grays, gilded and silver tones, pinks, blues, etc.

Jars in black and white are the latest trend in decor. You may like to play around with jars in both colors, so your shelves don’t look too monotonous. Create small groups of jars, alternating black with white.

Glass jars and flower holders

Using flower vases is a great way to decorate shelves with jars

Glass jars can also be an excellent resource for decorating your shelves. You could choose uncolored glass jars, tinted glass, smooth glass or figured glass jars.

Another option to decorate your shelves with jars is to include some plants and/or flowers in them. Use light colors to create harmony with the room.

Jars with leaves

Decorate your shelves with jars with leaves

Another pretty option to decorate shelves with jars is to put some plants with thin stems in them. Try out different leaves such as olive leaves in white ceramic jars. That way, you’ll be creating a very original decor item for your shelves.

Try including leaves and stems that are all from the same plant family or in the same tone. In this way, you could create a triangular display with 3 jars with green leaves for example. Or, if you prefer, you could use just one jar and add other decor items around it.