The Best Mini Stereo Systems

Browsing mini stereo systems? Keep your eyes peeled for the best quality. Look for a set that has both surround sound and visual appeal.
The Best Mini Stereo Systems

Last update: 12 July, 2019

Every home needs music. A mini stereo system can be great for a party, classy dinner or simply for enjoying a moment or listening to the radio. So without further ado, we want to present the best mini stereo systems.

Cheaper options won’t help you here as they can’t offer top sound quality. When it comes to sound systems, high quality is the deal breaker. Prepare yourself by learning about the best brands on the market.

Additionally, mini stereo systems aren’t just great for listening to music, but they can also decorate your home. Some models feature the right colors to fit in with the surroundings. Remember to consider the color before buying!

What does a mini stereo system include?

mini stereo systems include

While you can find a variety of models on the market, mini stereo systems generally feature two components:

  • Bodythe body is the actual stereo where you can insert discs, scan the radio or connect a USB stick. Essentially, it’s the brain of the system.
  • Speakers: the speakers emit the music. Speakers can vary in size and quality. They can sit right alongside the body or in other areas in the room.

Another mini stereo option that features smaller and smaller battery-powered models are boomboxes. However, they don’t have a bright future as they’re competing against smartphones and portable speakers.

The best brands

The market is full of optionsSome brands offer great quality but you need to know which ones they are. Here are some options to consider when you’re browsing:

  • Panasonic SC-PM250EC-S: this model has a great price, tuner, timer, and awesome bass. It also plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. On top of it all, it has Bluetooth.
  • Pioneer X-PM32: the Pioneer X-PM32 shares all of the characteristics of the prior but is also compatible with TVs and computers. In addition, it can play MP3-format music.
  • One Concept V-12-BT: this mini stereo system differs from the others as the speakers are built into the body. But it offers the same features, with one exception: it’s wireless.
  • Yamaha MCR-020: if you’re looking for something simple and smaller, here’s one for you. The Yamaha MCR-020 offers the basics and good sound quality for a reasonable price.
mini stereo systems brands

After averaging out all of their prices, you can expect to pay around 150 euros for a system. Some stereos are more expensive and cost around 180 euros while others are cheaper, hovering at prices of 120 euros.

Buy a system with surround-sound

High sound quality is a must. There’s no point in buying a product that can’t offer a good bass or one that sounds too tinny.

Instead, look for a set with stereo sound that can surround you and awaken your senses. Aim for high quality.

Don’t hesitate to ask to try out the system in the store. Testing it out beforehand will give you a better idea of what to expect before you buy it.

What’s the visual appeal of mini stereo systems?

mini stereo system visual appeal

Mini stereo systems are also decor elements that will ultimately need to be set up on top of a table or cabinet. So it helps decorate the room it’s in. And what exactly are the visual benefits?

  • An external design that’s often clean-cut with defined lines. Borders also tend to be continuous and smooth.
  • Neutral tones: grays, blacks, and whites. Mini stereo systems in bright colors like reds, yellows or oranges aren’t common.
  • If you want to match your set to its surroundings, consider the best options for the color. Avoid a decor disaster and look for gray tones because they match best anywhere.
  • As for drawing attention, bigger sets in a central area can’t be missed. On the contrary, if you want it to discreetly decorate your room, try a smaller model to the side.

Enjoy the music with a mini stereo system for any celebration.-