MARKERAD - A New Collection from Ikea for Millennials

Check out Ikea's new collection for Millennials! You're going to love it!
MARKERAD - A New Collection from Ikea for Millennials

Last update: 28 January, 2021

The Swedish furniture company has done it again. We’re loving Ikea’s new MARKERAD collection for millennials because it offers practical yet tasteful alternatives for a very specific population group.

How did Ikea’s Millennial collection come to be?

millennials ikea new collection

Ikea’s new MARKERAD collection wants to help you make your first apartment feel like you. The collection is designed to help pull together a home ambiance as the consumer becomes more and more financially independent.

For the millennial collection, Ikea teamed up with famous creative designer Virgil Abloh to transform ordinary objects into design icons.

To create MARKERAD, Abloh and Herik Most, Ikea’s creative leader, visited actual millennial homes to understand their new style and necessities after leaving the nest.

“Millennials expect to solve the function as a basic thing, and they want you to create that added value, that emotional attachment to the product,” stated Most. Adding on, Virgil clearly explained his aim as well, “I want each item to bring people a sense of pride, and I want the great design to be the biggest reason why you get it.” And that’s how MARKERAD came to be; two talents came together to create the new collection for millennials.

What does the new collection offer?

millennials ikea pieces

The collection uses classic minimalist designs as a base.

A great example is the use of quotes, a classic tool in Abloh’s work. In the collection, he uses many quotes to add touches of irony and humor to everyday items.

Our top picks from the new collection

1. The most consumerist rug ever

One of the most notable items from the MARKERAD collection is the receipt rug… Yes, you read that right. An everyday item as common as a shopping receipt can become a decor element in a millennial home.

2. Storage with awareness

millennials ikea storage

Virgil makes a point of creating with awareness, which is an important issue for millennials. And it’s exactly why he designed this see-through cabinet with pine and tempered glass. “Storage is often a combination and hiding things away. If consumers could see through units, maybe they’d buy less.”

3. A chair with style

In the new collection, the classic design of Scandinavian chairs become iconic with the addition of a doorstop. Ikea’s creative leader Most added the doorstop detail to create a functional, original and cool design.

4. An impeccable dining table

Also, the Nodric design has a strong presence in every item of the millennial collection. The beechwood dining table is the perfect example and couldn’t be easier to assemble with a single-fitting leg system.

5. Care for some bags?

Colección de Ikea para jóvenes

The collection has laminated bags that come in two different sizes. On the side, they read “sculpture”. You can use them to bag your groceries, carry children’s toys or even as a decor accessory for your home.

6. A fresh rug

The millennial collection also has a variety of fun, unique rugs. For example, one of them looks like a piece of lawn with the text “wet grass” over it.

“I think rugs can work both on walls and the floor, it’s like saying, ‘Hey! I have something that everyone wants.’ These items come in a limited quantity and time will give context to the creations made today, so for me, they become works of art while still being functional,” stated Virgil Abloh.

But that’s not all. The collection also includes a perfect couch, simply elegant comforter, wall clock, and even a retro Mona Lisa. Ikea is only offering the collection for a limited time, so don’t miss out!