Original and Personalized Desk Spaces

Whether you work from home or just need a corner to yourself, here are some original desk spaces that are full of charm. Which one do you like best?
Original and Personalized Desk Spaces

Last update: 11 June, 2019

Maybe you work from home, or maybe you want to set up an area for your children to do their homework. Or, maybe you just need a space to organize your bills, write, surf the internet or work on crafts. Whatever the motive, we’ve prepared a list of original desk spaces to complete your tasks with style.

Where should you place it?

The best placement for your desk will depend on your specific needs. If you work from home, we recommend dedicating an entire room to use as office space. With a home office, you can keep your home and office areas separate in addition to decorating them accordingly with the right accessories and furniture.

But we know that a home office isn’t always an option. A lack of space often forces us to look for a small corner to set up a makeshift workspace.

Whatever your situation might be, remember that you can always create an original and very practical desk space. And to prove it, we have examples to show you. Shall we?

Our list of original desk spaces

1. Nordic chic

desk spaces nordic chic

This work area is very practical, functional and uses simple lines for fans of the Nordic style. The desk features drawers to store the items that you use often and if you need more storage space, you can always add an additional storage cabinet.

Complete the look with a tackboard to remember tasks. In the photo above, the example uses a metal grid to decorate the space with small, potted plants.

2. For the little ones

desk spaces little ones

If you have children, first and foremost, make sure they have enough space to spread out their things. Additionally, ensure that the area is easy to keep clean and that they can do their homework free from distractions.

You can use painted wooden crates as shelves. Paint a wall with chalk paint; it’s perfect for studying and playing.

3. Minimalist and rustic

desk spaces minimalist

This weathered wooden board is great for a desk with character. It can also hold everything you need to get work done. Check out this technique for aging wood.

If you don’t have much space, or if you want to keep spending at a minimum for a workspace, this idea is perfect for you. Add your own personal details.

4. Ladders

desk spaces ladder

This desk space can store plenty thanks to a little creativity and making the most of two ladders. The ladders have lots of shelf space and it’s a wonderful original option if you’re looking for a workspace that can store everything you need. You can always use a longer desktop if you want more space.

5. Recycled

desk spaces recycled

Speaking of original desks, we can’t leave this recycled crate desk off the list; it’s one of today’s hottest trends. This idea allows you to let your imagination run free. Stack the crates vertically, horizontally or mix them up.

You can opt to paint them with chalk paint or leave them as they are. If you need some storage space, you can always create shelves by hanging crates on a wall.

6. Small corner space

desk spaces corner

Want to do something with that empty corner in your room? Consider desk options that are meant for corner spaces. They’re great if you don’t need a lot of space to work.

7. Retro

desk spaces retro

If you like the classical style, here is an option that you’ll love. Rounded lines always create a warmer ambiance. Additionally, these furniture pieces are very decorative, which means that they’ll look great in your living room, too.

8. All-in-one

desk spaces all in one

Check out how much space you can have in a little area. This wooden structure is fixed onto a wall and features a tabletop and plenty of drawers. It’s a work area that has everything you need for maximum productivity.

This wraps up the original desk spaces we’ve found for you. But there are still more wonderful, practical options that can suit any situation.