New Lifestyles Condition How We Decorate Our Homes

Society is constantly changing, so we must consider that new lifestyles condition the decoration of the home. Learn more.
New Lifestyles Condition How We Decorate Our Homes

Last update: 21 September, 2023

The daily hustle and bustle forces us to lead an intense rhythm of life. This can alter our customs and behavior to such an extent that new lifestyles affect the way we decorate our homes.

Normally, we’re under a lot of pressure due to work, family, and leisure issues. We try to fit all these activities into a schedule that, in the end, is very difficult for us to organize. This may mean giving up certain daily actions.

The cleanliness, order, and care of the house can be altered on a day-to-day basis. On more than one occasion, we’ve spent several days without tidying up the house because we haven’t had time. Deep down, it can be a serious problem, as we can pick up certain harmful habits.

New lifestyles: The cleaning problem

A father and his two young children working together the vacuum the house.

A factor to take into account and that can’t be overlooked is cleanliness. It’s considered an essential component to achieving a minimum degree of well-being. It must be practiced on a daily basis and in every room of the house. But is it really achieved?

Every day when we get up, we try to leave certain tasks done: Disinfecting the bathrooms, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping the floor, etc. However, we’re limited by various issues. This aspect should be solved immediately, taking into account that the decoration of the home can be damaged.

At the same time, it’s important to leave the kitchen tidied after use, make the beds whenever we leave the house, and dust daily to avoid its accumulation.

Everything is a matter of discipline and disposition.

Functionality as a fundamental criterion

Two fundamental aspects must be taken into account. On the one hand, society is changing and is moving towards different paths with which it tries to seek comfort and order, in addition to reducing forms to their minimum expression. Let’s look at some features:

  • The newest trends try to establish a basic principle at an aesthetic level; that’s to say, everything is oriented toward the practical use of the elements that we have in the home in such a way that everything is projected under utilitarian principles.
  • Styles like minimalism and avant-garde are becoming more and more popular. This is basically due to the idea of functionality. We don’t need to overload the spaces in our home with too much decoration or detail. The most important thing is that they’re easy to maintain.
  • Instead of complicating our lives by filling in the gaps with furniture and objects that, deep down, don’t have much significance, it’s preferable to leave the house decorated with different items that can produce, in turn, an aesthetic and utilitarian benefit.
  • Regarding lines and shapes, it should be noted that straightness prevails over curves. This produces a feeling of stability and, at the same time, doesn’t complicate the interior image. In other words, baroque formulas with their very precise designs are put aside in favor of practical approaches.

New lifestyles influence home decoration

An industrial style loft.

The urban life that we lead is also transmitted in the decoration of the home. The most conservative designs are abandoned for others that show greater modernity. A particular case is, for example, the industrialist style, which makes its mark mainly when it comes to city lofts.

In the same way, new contemporary trends offer a really interesting aesthetic meaning. Boho chic and minimalist lines adapt to the lifestyles of new generations, those who don’t want to complicate their lives with interior design.

Another aspect to take into account is technology, which has a great impact on spaces such as the kitchen, living room, or office. Household appliances, televisions, and computers are pieces that will undoubtedly take center stage.

The application of clarity

This concept, which can be somewhat abstract, is becoming the fundamental axis around which home decoration revolves. In other words, we’re referring to the sensation of spatiality that prevails in interiors.

Diaphanity is directly associated with harmony and comfort. In this regard, it’s essential that the rooms in your home are spacious. It’s a way to eliminate aesthetic tension and turn the house into a much more peaceful and pleasant place to be.

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