Warm Minimalism: What is it and How to Implement it?

Find out why warm minimalism is becoming a trend and how you can implement it at home. This could be just the style you've been waiting for!
Warm Minimalism: What is it and How to Implement it?

Last update: 16 February, 2022

Warm minimalism is nothing to write home about, but it’s been climbing as a highly desirable trend. This is the reason why we want to talk about this style and because it’s a valid option for your home.

As its name suggests, it’s about decorating your spaces in a clean, aesthetic, and warm way. Later we’ll delve into what it is and how to implement warm minimalism. If you want to find out more about it, keep reading.

What is warm minimalism?

the colors of warm minimalism

Less is more! This is the basis of minimalism as we know it today. This philosophy has turned out to be a complete success in many homes, since, with few elements, great things can be achieved. It works both in aesthetic terms, as well as for the comfort it provides.

However, for many people, the lack of certain elements makes minimalism feel cold, boring, alien, and unwelcoming. It was at that moment, that warm minimalism emerged from the hands of decor and design experts. It’s an option to enjoy that famous less is more, without having to sacrifice any sensations.

Why has warm minimalism become a trend?

Warm minimalism is a trend for one compelling reason: care for the environment. Currently, there’s a desire to take care of our available natural resources and many decorative styles have been seduced by this initiative.

In this sense, the use of wood and other reusable and recyclable materials gives life to this new style of minimalism. Right here, we can find a second reason why this style is on the rise and it has to do with the durability of these raw materials. The medium and long-term savings are clear and are produced by using quality elements to renovate every home.

Finally, and returning a little to the origin of the trend, the other reason for favoring warm minimalism has to do with sensations. That’s right! Warmth comes from how materials, colors, and decorative objects make you feel. Without a doubt, the people who are the most interested in this style are nature lovers and environmentalists.

How to implement warm minimalism?

If so far, you’ve liked what we’ve told you about warm minimalism and you want to implement it in your home, we’ll give you some much clearer guidelines.

Mixing styles

The basis of minimalism is that less is more. From here, you can mix styles that follow this philosophy such as Nordic, Mediterranean, and Japanese. Regardless of the one you choose, remember that the important thing is to return to the origins, avoid the superfluous and leave aside unnecessary decorative elements or furniture.

In this order of ideas, colors such as nude or the lighter shades of coffee are ideal and go very well when you combine them with traditional white.

Wood: the best material

Wood becomes a trend

Wood plays a relevant role in warm minimalism and although there are other options, we can say that it’s the flagship material of this decorative trend. But we’re not talking about just any wood. Look for recycled options that preserve their most natural appearance in terms of tones and textures.

For example, the use of light-colored furniture, accessories, or wood finishes makes spaces light up more efficiently. Visually, your home will look warmer and much more welcoming.

Wood is complemented well by natural textile accessories such as woven wool blankets, cotton rugs, fiber lamps such as wicker, rattan, or jute. The use of colors such as ochre, sand, or brown in this type of element is essential.

Choose a focus wall

To add an extra touch of warmth to your decor, you can opt for a spotlight wall. This is about decorating a single wall to stand out, without overshadowing the general decor and without overloading the space. Faced with other demands, it’s usually left aside, but by doing this you can achieve something special.

Contrast the wall with a piece of natural wood furniture that stands out and play with a background coating that can be made of wood or micro cement. You can also hang a couple of minimalist paintings or a large mirror too.