How to Decorate a Living Room in the Japandi Interior Style

If you’re into simplicity and elegance, you’re going to love this article! Discover the keys to applying the Japandi interior style to your living room.
How to Decorate a Living Room in the Japandi Interior Style

Last update: 25 February, 2021

If you’re into the unique decorative mix between Japanese and Scandinavian decorative styles, you’ll probably want to know how to decorate your living room with the Japandi interior style.

Get to work and let simple lines, soft colors, and Zen spirit fill your living room with harmony and warmth. In this article, discover the best tips to applying the Japandi interior style.

A japandi-style living room is possible in any home

A Japandi living room.

The Japandi interior style combines typical Scandinavian decor with Japanese-inspired spaces. The result? Spaces that ooze harmony, peace, and warmth. If you identify with these characteristics, you’ll love the Zen tips we’ll share below.

As this style stems from Oriental philosophy, one of its decorative keys is a connection with nature through the elements that surround you. Furniture and plants help lighten spaces and create healthier environments at the same time.

This trend invites you to use colors that convey peace and safety, in addition to opting for simple lines and decorative elements. Now that you understand what it’s all about, it’s time to delve into some ideas that will help you transform your living room. Open the door to the Japandi interior style. You’ll see how good it makes your home look!

Use wood

You surely remember how much Scandinavians love wood, right? Well, it’s also an essential element in Japandi decoration. Make sure to opt for light-colored wood with rustic finishes. You can mix and match it with furniture of other colors, such as a white armchair or a side table in soft shades of blue or green.

Pure minimalism

Overloaded spaces are anti-Japandi. Strive for minimalism and spaciousness by only adding a few prominent decorative resources. Remember that less is more.

Lighting with intent

A Japandi room.

Another key to this style is well-lit spaces. Use white as the foundation for your living room and add some soft and warm-colored accessories. Let in natural light and use transparent curtains.

Don’t forget lamps and what they can do in different rooms. Place light points and use floor and table lamps, like this one from Sklum, to create a cozy space.

Colors for a living room in the Japandi interior style

You need to use neutral colors so that Zen reigns in your decoration. We recommend going for nudes, grays, and earth tones. You can dot your spaces with golden decorative elements to add a touch of Eastern sophistication. For example, you can place gold decorative items on a coffee table like this one from Maisons du Monde.

From the east to your home

The advantage of this fusion of cultures is that it allows you to personalize your spaces. If you’re more into Asian decor, you can use an Oriental piece of furniture or cushions. This will add a touch of elegance and style to your home.

Craftwork – that special touch your Japandi interior style living room needs

Another positive aspect of this decorative style is its passion for handmade pieces or crafts. Add a signature ceramic element to your shelves. It’ll look amazing!

Reinvent your spaces

Try to break with convention. After all, you are combining two different styles. Make your living room a place where you can disconnect from the world. Opting for a futon instead of a sofa is a great way to do so! This is a super oriental, comfortable, and functional piece of furniture.

In short, we hope you enjoyed these essential keys to the Japandi interior style for your living room. Remember that the most important principles to take into account are natural elements and simplicity.

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