Keys to Achieving the Transitional Style

In this interesting article, we tell you the secrets to achieving the transitional style in your home in the blink of an eye.
Keys to Achieving the Transitional Style

Last update: 08 December, 2020

Have you heard of the transitional style? In this article, we’re going to share the keys to achieving it. It’s a combination of traditional and modern decor. In fact, this type of decoration is also often called “timeless classic”.

If you’ve seen it somewhere and fallen in love with it but don’t know how to apply it in your home, don’t worry! We’re going to share the best tricks so that you can design your home with this wonderful and striking style.

What’s the transitional style?

The transitional style is a mixture of classic decoration with more modern trends. But beware, as it isn’t simply about placing decorative elements that don’t “match” but rather making sure that they all coexist in perfect harmony and create a perfect and characteristic environment.

It’s usually represented by more traditional furniture, sometimes passed down in a family, along with more modern accessories that give rooms a personal touch. Below, we’re going to give you the keys to successfully achieving this style in your home.

How to achieve a transitional style

A transitional living room.
A living room decorated with a transitional style.

Neutral colors

This style is characterized by the use of neutral foundations, as they make sure that the spotlight is on the furniture. The best colors are beige, gray, white, and touches of green, blue, or coral through the accessories. A good idea would be to place striking cushions on a classic sofa. These from Sklum would look great.

Traditional furniture

This is an elegant style. Therefore, the furniture must reflect elegance. Curvy armchairs and large ornate dark wood furniture are the keys to applying a transitional style.

Don’t forget that simple lines prevail and that you need to use neutral colors. Only then can you add other more modern elements, such as this Kave Home coffee table, where marble and gold come together to create a very chic piece.

Transitional style accessories

Although it’s true that the accessories will add touches of color, you mustn’t overdo it with them. Remember that this style is a very good representation of minimalism, as the furniture is the star.

Flowers can help make sure the spaces don’t look empty nor overloaded, as well as rugs and curtains.

A classic but modern house

A white and pink bedroom.

Once you’ve understood the basic concepts of the transitional style, it’s time to apply it. Now we’re going to tell you how you can do it in each of the rooms of your home.

In the bedroom

Padded furniture is timeless. There’s nothing better than a headboard with this highly appealing and sophisticated texture. Complete the look with plain cushions in neutral colors so you don’t overwhelm the environment. Also, you can go for a ceiling lamp and make it a feature.

The transitional style in the living room

A simple sofa will be a neutral foundation. In this case, you can complement it with dark wood or cherry wood furniture and flower vases to add color.

Apply it in the bathroom

Wood is also important in bathrooms to achieve this mix between classic and modern. Turn the mirror into one of the key elements of your bathroom and add a modern touch with botanical wallpaper.

Don’t forget to add decorative elements and accessories. For example, natural fiber baskets or boxes to keep things neat are good options.

A few extra tips

  • Bright environments are key. Therefore, try to let in natural light by using transparent curtains.
  • Mix textures wisely. Although textures make your spaces richer, remember to pay close attention to the color combinations.
  • Rescue an old piece of furniture. For example, those old chairs your grandmother loved so much. You can also buy antique furniture.

We hope you liked these ideas to apply the transitional style to achieve a classic and elegant home with modern touches.

Remember that the most important aspect you need to pay attention to is the use of color. Also, make sure that furniture plays a key role. Finally, add touches of elegance through different textures and accessories.

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