Modern Home Exteriors for Your Dream Home

Even in home exteriors, modern designs essentially aim for simplicity and practicality as well as being timeless.
Modern Home Exteriors for Your Dream Home

Last update: 06 December, 2018

Modern, or “contemporary” home exteriors are quite different and turn heads. They look rather simple, but luxurious at the same time. Their simplicity becomes the main feature and is a guideline for creating an air of sophistication.

If you like looking towards the future, or if you appreciate what’s simple and timeless, and are thinking about building or remodeling your dream home, keep on reading. You’ll love looking through our home exterior ideas below.

But before scrolling down directly to the designs, remember to think about what modern home exteriors are like. This will make it easier for us to make practical, efficient decisions.

Characteristics of modern home exteriors

If there’s something that characterizes modern architectural designs, it’s the idea of simplicity and order to revolve around practicality. So, these designs leave detailed decor on one side and instead, opt for simple, pure lines. Other features include:

  • Windows, generally larger ones.
  • White, grays and black color palette.
  • Combining materials and textures: stone, metal, wood, glass, etc.
  • Overlapping units and floors, normally in an L-shape.
  • Effective layout of items as well as their complete integration in the setting.
Modern exterior characteristics

We should mention that generally speaking, these homes tend to be compact. This stems from the objective of looking for a practical, orderly balance between all of the elements. So for a modern home, a front yard fence that’s used as a part of the home exterior design isn’t bizarre at all.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, though compact homes are the majority, there are also “less intense” options like longhouses.

Modern exteriors with curved lines

Since the 90s, modern exteriors that use curved lines have become more popular in home designs. The curves create a strong feeling of continuity while at the same time smoothing out the final result. So, they’re a tempting option.

The best part about modern exteriors with curved lines and circular patterns is that they can offer lovely design options, like porthole windows, round windows, and doors, or a voluminous balcony or deck.

Homes that use curved lines also offer more spaces for decor, such as mini-gardens underneath or next to the staircase. They also offer various rooms to relax and share with company.

Modern exteriors with straight lines

Modern homes that use bold, straight lines are the most straight-forward. They really transmit the idea of clear, precise order.

The secret behind straight lines stems from the fact that they unite all of a home’s elements efficiently as well as creatively. We saw this same characteristic above as well.

Curved lines can work alongside straight lines and vice-versa. There are home exteriors that use a combination of the two, resulting in simply fascination results and maximum luxury and sophistication. After all, in today’s world, living minimally means living a stylish and refined lifestyle.

Modern home lines

What else do you need to know?

Modern home exteriors use what’s basic, practical and simple with pure ingenuity. Consequently, modern home ideas can vary a lot. So, if you’re looking for originality and style for your home exterior, don’t think twice about checking out what modern architecture has to offer.

While squares and rectangles are the most popular shapes in this design, they’re not the only ones. Triangles and other geometric shapes can also lead a design.

Don’t forget that using certain materials can help renew older styles. To give you an example, using wood can create some warmth and sense of tradition without altering the simplicity and elegance.

As for the overall harmony, don’t stress over it too much. Because modern home exterior designs are clear, orderly and practical, they’ll have harmonious results that especially make a comfortable setting for the home members.

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