Make Your Ceilings Look Higher with These 4 Tips

If you want your ceilings to look higher, check out our tips in our post today!
Make Your Ceilings Look Higher with These 4 Tips

Last update: 08 August, 2019

If your home is on the small side and has low ceilings, keep reading to learn how you can decorate your spaces. You can use a variety of tricks to make your ceilings look higher than they actually are. Use certain furniture pieces, perfect your layout and paint your walls in the right colors. In our post today, we want to show you 4 tips to make your ceilings look higher.

How to make your ceilings look higher

1. Use the right furniture pieces

Make your ceilings look higher by using low furniture pieces. You can use them throughout your entire home. In the living room, try a low display cabinet, couch, and drawer cabinet to put your TV on. By using low pieces, you can create visual contrast and in turn, they’ll look taller. In addition, you should also use light colors for your selections to lighten up your spaces.

high ceiling tips furniture

2. Walls

Walls play a key role in making your ceilings look higher; you have several options at hand. Try painting them in white tones or using two light colors together.

The halfway painted technique

Painting halfway is a popular option for walls. These days, it’s also a trendy idea for furniture pieces as well. Try painting your walls halfway; it’s a great idea for making your ceilings look higher. If you use two shades of the same color like dark and sky blue, use the darker color on the lower part of your walls.

Or, for the same effect, you can also paint the bottom third part of your walls, leaving two-thirds of the space for your lighter color. As a result, your ceilings will seem further away. Balancing your dark and light colors is crucial for nailing the effect. It’ll also leave you with beautiful, original walls.

3. Windows

You can use certain windows as well to fake high ceilings. Try filling your living room wall with windows. Or, get creative with vertical and horizontal windows.

Vertical windows

Consider using several vertical windows on the same wall. Make sure that they run from the ceiling down to the floor. They’ll create an enhanced vertical effect and visually lift your ceilings. Additionally, try using white or light colors for your window frames.

high ceilings tips windows

Horizontal windows

Another great way to fake high ceilings is by using horizontal windows. Try using a long window at the top of your wall to fill your room with light from above, making your ceilings look higher. It’ll trick onlookers into believing that they’re the real deal.

4. Lighting

Lighting always plays a key role in enhancing and showcasing certain elements of the home. You can also use lighting to create faux high ceilings. Check out these ways to use artificial lighting to nail the effect.

Hanging light fixtures

Try hanging several light fixtures from a long cord from the ceiling. By hanging them, you can create a vertical line, creating an illusion of higher ceilings. This idea would work great for your dining area. By hanging a light over the dining table, you could gain directional light, or in other words, sectioning off and highlighting the area.

high ceilings tips lighting

Dichroic lights

Dichroic lights are another great option for faking high ceilings, and they’ll fit right into them. Using these lights in your ceiling will brighten up your ceiling and make them seem higher than they actually are.

As you’ve read with us today, there are all kinds of ways to make visually alter your spaces. Some great ideas included using low furniture pieces, painting your walls in light colors, using vertical or horizontal windows and more. Make sure you carefully analyze your space before going ahead with a plan!

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