Original Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your Home Personality

Don't choose traditional frameworks for your wall decorations: they're starting to feel stale. You'll be better off changing things up, innovating, and adding some truly original things to your house.
Original Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your Home Personality

Last update: 19 June, 2019

Wall decor has become an area where you can unleash all your creativity and create something original. It’s the best way there is to create a relaxed environment with lots of personality. So, we’re going to show you some ideas on subtle, innovative ways to decorate your walls.

There are lots of different ways to go about this, like classic paintings, or even graffiti. But there’s one very important thing to remember: you need to try to complement the things you put on your walls with the furniture and accessories in the room itself.

You’re obviously going to find lots of things you can hang on your walls, but not everything you see at the store or online is necessarily what you need. You should find the best pieces and designs for your home’s decor scheme.

Original wall decor ideas

Classic wallpapers

A classic floral wallpaper.

If you want a classic, but also up-to-date style, wallpaper is one of your best options. It originated over 2,000 years ago, in China, but didn’t make it to Europe until the 1500s, as trade routes started to open up more.

At first, wallpaper was exclusive to the highest social classes. But then came the Industrial Revolution, which allowed it to be mass produced and made it more accessible. However, the first wallpaper designs were very simplistic.

In the past, the most common designs were floral and geometric patterns.

But this age-old decor tool has made a comeback. You can get multi-colored designs, and some manufacturers will even let you personalize them with paint or other techniques. The goal is to give a product that perfectly suits your decor needs.

Original resources for wall decor

Wood slat wall decor

Here are some of the best original resources to use in your wall decor:

  • Wall art collages: hanging paintings or prints is common practice. But you can take it a step further and add more possibilities, too. One example is creating original mosaics or collages with multiple pieces of art. This will give your home a dynamic, original feel for what was otherwise just a flat surface.
  • Wood walls: one especially innovative way to decorate your walls is to cover them in wood. This gives a similar look to parquet flooring. Plus, you can blend lots of different types and colors. This can help to give a room a warm, rustic feeling.
  • Magnetic paint: this is a kind of paint that can turn any surface magnetic. It has small bits of metal that will allow you to stick magnets on it. This means you can turn your wall into a giant magnetic piece of art!
  • Of course, there’s always cork, photos, paintings, etc, to put up on the wall. But the good thing is that you don’t necessarily need to use nails or hooks anymore, thanks to magnetic paint. It’s a nice way to avoid damaging your wall.

Blackboard paint for your wall decor

Blackboard wall paint.

This type of paint will open up a whole world of decorative possibilities. What it does is allow you to draw on it with chalk, which you can then erase just like a blackboard!

This is ideal for children’s bedrooms. Think about it: it will give them a place to express their creativity without causing any damage. On top of that, it gives them their own role in the decorating of their room, because they have the control!

It’s also great for a room like the kitchen. This is the room where many families leave messages, notes, or just fun drawings to brighten everyone’s day. It’s hard to deny that this is an original wall decor idea, and i t’s starting to become more and more common in people’s homes. 

Artificial grass: wall garden

A garden on the wall.

Another original way to decorate your walls involves artificial grass. That’s the kind of thing we only expect to see on the ground, but it actually works in other places too. Plus, the grass will give your home a nice and green natural touch. 

  • You can find it in many types: simple (just grass), or with other vegetation included.
  • It can also be fun to combine this with other materials and colors. This can make for a really interesting play of colors, like using wood, for example. 

Graffiti for a city vibe

Graffiti wall decor.

This is one decorative trend that never ceases to amaze. The idea is to create a street art style mural, but inside, in a room in your house. Doing this will make your home feel very modern, and give it a youthful feel.

Just like the other things on this list, doing this gives you a lot of room to personalize. That means you can turn your home into a truly unique, unmatched space. Plus, there are infinite possibilities for themes for your graffiti wall. You could go for current ideas, or choose something a bit more classic.