Where Can You Use the Color Cream?

Cream is becoming more popular for home interiors because it offers a beautiful, warm and peaceful setting.
Where Can You Use the Color Cream?

Last update: 30 July, 2019

If you’re browsing colors with purity and luminosity in mind, choose an effective one like cream. There are all kinds of decorative accessories that use this color, just find one that works for your setting.

Maybe you’ve already seen cream decor in home interiors with a classic, Mediterranean or African decor style. Colors ultimately play a key role in creating decor styles. They define the space and its content, which directly impacts personal feelings.

For the most part, cream works great with other colors; it even works perfectly on furniture pieces: couches, light fixtures, chairs, etc. You can even use cream ivory on structural elements such as walls and floors.

Marble: subtle elegance

cream ivory floor

The color cream actually has more presence in decor than you might imagine. You might not realize that creamy ivory marble can actually lighten a setting as well as create a warmer ambiance.

Furthermore, it transmits hygiene, elegance and of course, finesse. That’s precisely why cream-colored marble is the perfect option if you’re looking for a refined result. It’s actually the most popular material for commercial spaces, hotel reception halls, offices, institutions, etc.

Public interiors often use this material because it’s visually pleasing, quite contrary to darker options that could create a stern, overbearing atmosphere. Cream instead creates dynamism, brightens and brings joy into our spaces.

Light floors are a great way to enhance light and create a peaceful setting.

Cream is a sure bet for furniture pieces

cream ivory furniture

Just as we mentioned earlier, certain decor accessories look great in this color. The color cream works great for pieces that are designed for relaxation and comfort. It transmits tranquility and rest. So, what pieces might be great options?

  • Couches are a great element for cream. Regardless if yours is leatherette or velvet, this color will reflect a serene setting with your couch. It’ll call you to rest and wind down.
  • Chairs with a cream-colored seat are another option. The color goes great with medium-toned wooden frames. In other woods, woods that aren’t too dark nor light.
  • Fireplaces are another great element that can really show off everything this color has to offer. On a fireplace, cream can reflect its beauty, elegance, and classic feel.
  • Other furniture pieces, such as nightstands or home entrance tables, can add interesting, subtle detail. Cream can also help define forms very well.
  • You can also find this color frequently on kitchen cabinets. It creates a hygienic, pure setting.

Bathroom plumbing

cream ivory bathroom

There’s no better way to use this beautiful color than for your bathroom plumbing elements. But of course, it would be straying from the conventional white, which is normally used in bathrooms.

This beautiful color converts each piece into a unique element. They give off a different feel and ambiance than conventional bathroom elements. Compared to white, cream is much gentler and has almost a milky appearance that you can almost feel.

This color reflects purity and hygiene.

Using cream for your walls

cream ivory walls

But how can use this color for your walls? Can you match it with the rest of your room? Cream actually works wonderfully on walls but you need to create contrast with darker colors. Failing to do so might result in a room that’s overwhelmingly ivory.

First, remember that this color works great in classical decor styles. It creates a certain visual sensitivity. It also adds warmth to your setting, embracing you.

Feel free to use cream on all of your walls. But be sure to use other colors as well to create a balanced decor.

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