Make your Apartment Look Brighter through Decor

Need more light in your apartment? In our post today, we have some tips on making your apartment look brighter.
Make your Apartment Look Brighter through Decor

Last update: 20 February, 2019

Lighting is a key element for any home. Filling your apartment with natural light might be easier than you think. There are different ways to decorate and make things brighter.

Both artificial and natural lighting play fundamental roles in any home. So, we’d like to give you some tips on really making your rooms bask with more lighting both during the day and at night.

You have to think about what kind of setting you want to create in your home. We suggest keeping your lighting balanced: accent natural light during the day and create spaces with artificial light at night.

Accent spaces with natural light

Natural light is the greatest light source. You should make the most of it, and only use artificial light when needed.

There’s nothing like natural light. Natural light allows us to save energy, care for the environment and, if that wasn’t enough, completely change spaces.

If you want to highlight the areas of natural light, we suggest painting your walls light colors. Using white, chalk or white on white is essential if you want more brightness during the day.

Of course, however, the size of your windows will affect how much light enters your home.

In any case, using white will definitely help brighten your apartment up, going hand in hand with the natural light. If you have dark walls, brightening your space will be harder and you’ll need to use artificial lighting way before the sun sets.

Light colored furniture and floors

Similar to walls and windows, using light colors for your apartment will help highlight the natural light, brightening your rooms overall.

Brighter 1

Use short curtains

Highlight the light color of your walls and window frames by using curtains in light colors or pastels; or even a transparent shade. Even if you push back your curtains during the day, the lighter the colors, the more light will enter your apartment.

How to decorate your apartment with artificial light

Artificial light is another fundamental part of decorating your apartment. Aim to distribute your lights throughout your home to make sure that no corner is left in the dark.

Diffused light

Diffused light is key for any room. We always have a big main light that serves as a strong light source, spreading throughout the entire area.

Covering all areas, diffused light comes from the main light sources in a given room. Try using big fixtures with translucent or glass shades.

Directional lights for your apartment decor

Directional lights aren’t an isolated light source. As the name suggests, they direct and focus on a specific spot. You’ll need to pair them with a diffused light system.

On a further note, when everyone else has gone to bed and you want to sit down and read, you can turn off the main light and keep your directional light on your book. Nightstand or office desk lamps are examples of these kinds of lamps; they light up a specific area.

Use different light intensity levels together

Using different intensity levels of lighting in your rooms will create a balanced, pleasant setting. And when you don’t need a certain light, you can just turn it off. Remember to always save energy.

To mix and match light sources, you can try a big diffused light in the center of a room with a small lamp  on a nightstand, or tall piece of furniture, and a standing lamp as well. Play around with the intensities of light; you can also use cold and warm lights together.

brighter 2

Add mirrors to your rooms

Using large mirrors on a wall in your home is an interesting way to brighten up your rooms. Mirrors make rooms look bigger and also reflect the light that you already have in your home. Your home will bathe in light.

To conclude our post, light is essential in any home. Decorating your apartment with different lights, walls in light colors, certain light sources, and levels of intensity will brighten your home during the day and at night.

Always try to make the most of your natural light. It’s a way to save energy and enjoy the daytime before the sun sets.

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