Choosing the Best Lamps for Your Bedroom

Lamps are indispensable bedroom accessories. Choosing the right one is, hands down, an important task.
Choosing the Best Lamps for Your Bedroom

Last update: 24 December, 2018

Lamps let us play around with the lighting in any room in our home. They help us create more modest, elegant and comfortable spaces.

Aside from their practical use, lamps also play an important role in decor. Depending on how intense we want our lighting to be, we can create different ambiances. The lighting that we use to read at night isn’t the same as we need for household chores.

Lamps are indispensable bedroom accessories. While they don’t have to be in every bedroom, they certainly can make a room stand out. Depending on your mood or what you need the lighting for, you can use a lamp to create different ambiances. They can give a room warmth and a really cozy air.

In today’s post, we’ll explain how to choose a lamp for your bedroom. It’s a choice that will undoubtedly transform your room entirely.

Tips for picking the perfect lighting

  • First off, try to keep the lighting even; in other words, it should be uniform throughout the entire room. When you want a softer light, you can use indirect natural light. This can help showcase some of your favorite bedroom accessories like mirrors, pictures or maybe your dressing area. To give you an idea of what kind of lighting to use, the recommended light level for bedrooms is 250 lux. while localized direct light is 200 lux.
  • Something to keep in mind is that the lighting in a bedroom needs to be pleasant, relaxing and most importantly, warm. You can create that kind of lighting with a couple of lamps that give off diffused indirect light. Use a light that’s no stronger than 100 lux. It’ll work for the ceiling, spotlights or table lamps.
  • We recommend using LED lamps that give off a lot of light while consuming little energy, which means that they last longer.
  • You should use good lighting for your dressing area. It’s the area in your bedroom where you can check how you look. So, the lighting here should be comfortable while allowing you to easily differentiate colors. You should install a strong light source by using two lamps that fit well with the size of your room.
Lamps bedroom night stand

Types of lamps

Lamps are perfect for creating a soft, warm light. They’re great for reading, watching TV or any other activity that doesn’t require strong lighting. You can find all kinds of lamps with different designs. Below, we’ll show you a selection that we love for bedrooms.

Lamps bedroom examples

Nightstand lamps

Nightstands are probably the most popular solution for creating indirect light that we see in most bedrooms. Setting them up on nightstands is convenient as you can just turn them on whenever you need to do something. Reading, watching TV, writing or working on your computer are all everyday activities that require indirect light.

Looking for the perfect height and angle for your lamps is important for guaranteeing comfort.

You can find all kinds of different lamp models. There are more classic styles, modern and industrial ones, too. We suggest using paper or cloth lampshades in light colors because they provide light that’s more diffused, filling a room with more warmth.

Lamps bedroom

Work lamps

These are very trendy these days. We’re seeing them in all kinds of bedrooms because they give them a cool, industrial look.

However, the problem with work lamps is that they’re designed for study or work. The light that they project is very direct and can sometimes be too strong. But there are some models that allow you to adjust the light intensity, making it easy to adapt it to your needs.

When you’re setting up a work lamp, you can try putting it on a conventional nightstand. Or, for something a little more daring, place it on a pallet nightstand, stool, or– if your bed isn’t that high–  on the floor. 

Bedroom lamps work lamp

Applique lamps

Another option could be applique lamps. You could place them on your headboard for direct light, or on your nightstand for less intensity. Everyone’s preferences are different. You won’t need them as much to read as to use the computer, so it all depends on your needs.

Applique lamps are an option that go pretty well with more classic decor styles; however, you can find all kinds of designs.

Bedroom lamps applique

Pendant lamps

Another trendy idea that we’re seeing everywhere in decor magazines and blogs are pendant lamps. They’re light fixtures that have a cord to hang them, which is why they are called pendant lamps.

They look beautiful in minimalist rooms that don’t require too many furniture pieces or other pieces that clutter bedrooms. These lamps can hang without a nightstand and allow you to light up whichever areas you want. That will help you save on space and gain in efficiency.

Lamps bedroom hanging

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