Interior Designer in Her Own Right: Dana Gibson

Gibson is an artist who's capable of making her mark in any bland setting. According to Gibson, happiness lies in colors and she really nails it in her compositions.
Interior Designer in Her Own Right: Dana Gibson

Last update: 11 March, 2019

Granddaughter of a famous North American illustrator and daughter of artists and sculptors, Dana Gibson has become another big name in the world of interior design. Known for being fearless with colors, her unique style never goes unnoticed and is unmistakable.

Dana Gibson started designing more than twenty years ago. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Gibson is a familiar name in art circles and her creations appear in many catalogs of numerous interior design projects.

Gibson started out in artisan designs with sculpted porcelain and won important customers in the decor industry. Her hand-painted designs featured bright, bold colors along with plenty of floral and scenic images, which she still uses in her current work as well.

Starting out

gibson 1

Dana Gibson studied liberal arts purely out of interest. She never imagined turning this into a career. She graduated with an English degree and worked as a literature teacher at a school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. During the summer vacations, she took art classes and fell in love with ceramics.

Later, she came to realize that her job wasn’t all that she thought it would be and started to contemplate her options in the design industry.

Her work presents an interesting combination of designs that are inspired by leading industries and its own unique identity. She isn’t afraid of using different styles and colors together, giving her creations a characteristic breath of fresh air and a sense of freedom.

Her work

gibson interior 2

Gibson’s interior design compositions stand out because of the pops of vibrant colors. These colors, however, are always used on top of a neutral base. The results are extremely elegant and practical designs that have a strong dose of color. Color is always a surprise factor in Gibson’s work.

In recent years, Gibson has evolved as an artist, making the leap from artisan work to manufacturing. While she expanded her home accessory, she still stays true to artisan quality. As a result, she offers a wonderful selection of vases, pouches, decorative trays, picture frames, waste bins, tissue boxes, handbags, light fixtures, textiles, and furniture… all featuring a strong accent of tradition.

“I don’t like to take my decor too serious. Overall, decor should add pleasure and joy to our lives,” Dana Gibson.

Currently, she works with Stroheim and MT Company. Her collections include a sophisticated line of wall fabrics and upholstery. Gibson’s colorful patterns featuring all kinds of motifs and colors are a perfect mix to make an accent on a classic contemporary setting.

A joyful aesthetic design

gibson interior 3

Gibson’s designs reflect her interest in age-old traditions that interweave with current trends. Her ikats are simply wonderful. Ikat is one of the oldest types of dyeing techniques in the world in which dyers first dye strands before weaving the fabric. Some sections are left free of dye because of the knotting process. Once the fabric is completely dried, the knots are undone, revealing a design.

Gibson also loves Chinese vases, floral pictures, birds, curvilinear and meandering patterns. The combination of colorfully bold artisan and classic designs are truly what makes her work stand out.

It’s a style that has won over the North American market. Her evolution from artisan ceramics to furniture and interior design attests to her success and always features a casual, joyful elegance.

Current work of Dana Gibson

gibson interior 4

The MT Company released its first complete collection by Dana Gibson. It’s a wonderful, original line that includes tapestries, furniture, rugs, and many other decorative accessories that feature her appreciation for tradition and strong colors.

“Every room is a living work of art which needs to refresh itself and inspire,” Dana Gibson.

She’s an artist that can make her mark on any bland roomFor Gibson, happiness lies in colors and she nails in her compositions. If you’re also a color-lover, you’ll love Dana Gibson’s work.

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