Ideas for Choosing Pillows for Your Home

From big to small, pillows are an essential and very versatile accessory for our homes.
Ideas for Choosing Pillows for Your Home

Last update: 05 May, 2020

Choosing pillows for your home is both easy and very rewarding, as they can have a dramatic effect.

Pillows are an essential accessory in interior decoration and are ideal for breaking up monochromatic color schemes. They are also perfect for breathing new life into your rooms, creating a new look with little effort. Also, pillows are ideal for redecorating one or more rooms as they come in different fabrics, patterns, and textures for every room.

Bedrooms, living rooms, gardens, and balconies are just some of the spaces where pillows are generally used for decoration.

Between 3 and 5 pillows are usually needed to achieve the right arrangement, depending on the size of your bed or couch.

It’s best to use an odd number of pillows and to avoid piling too many on your furniture.

Choosing pillows for your home


The colors you will use in your home are an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect pillows. Firstly, it’s important to consider your background color. In other words, the color of your couch or your bed linen.

If you use neutral background colors, then your pillows should use brighter colors. We recommend choosing two or three colors that contrast with your background color.

Image representing importance of choosing the right cushions for your home

On the other hand, if your background is more colorful, it’s best to opt for pillows in two or three of these background colors so that there is a greater focus on their textures or patterns. 

Remember that, as with anything, all your colors should complement one another.

Mix & match

As with dining room chairs, pillows can also be mixed and matched, so don’t be afraid to combine textures or fabrics. This will have a dramatic visual impact.

There is also the option of mixing patterns. No doubt you will have noticed the trend of combining geometric lines with floral patterns or mixing spots with stripes.

Pillows on a couch

It seems that, even though such patterns are so different from one another, they nevertheless match and fit together in harmony.

Shapes and sizes

As you would expect, choosing the shape and size of your pillow is an equally important part of choosing the right pillows.

As pillows are a type of textile, they are available in all sizes (large, small, mini) and several shapes (circular, square, rectangular). The key is to choose the right size.

If your couch is small, it’s best not to pile it with too many pillows. However, if your couch is bigger, you could use several pillows of various sizes.

If you’re looking to create a formal look, then all your pillows should be the same shape and size. However, if you want to create a more homely and relaxed style, it’s best to combine pillows of different shapes and sizes.

Choosing pillows for each room in your home

We previously mentioned that it’s possible to give each of your rooms its own individual look if you wish.

To change a winter look into a summer look, all you need to do is change your pillow covers. You could change heavier materials to lighter fabrics in lighter colors, which give a fresher feel.

Pillows for winter, which use fabrics that convey warmth, are also available.

Christmas pillows

The ability to transform your pillows by just changing their covers shows how adaptable they are and the many options that pillows offer.


Pillows are essential accessories when decorating our living rooms and bedrooms. By changing just their covers, pillows can be adapted to completely change the style of a room.

Their adaptability means they can be mixed with not only different colors, but also different shapes and patterns. They can be arranged to give your spaces a unique look that is both sophisticated and coordinated.

When mixing colors, shapes, or patterns, it’s vital to ensure that your pillows go well with one another, as well as with the rest of your accessories. In other words, not only should your pillows be coordinated with one another, but also with your couch and your other decorative items.

However, pillows are not only for decoration. They also help to maintain your posture when sitting, so they also play an important role in your physical health. You should, therefore, ensure that your pillow filling is of high quality. It should neither be too soft, nor too hard.

Lastly, we would like you to let your imagination run free. Create a look that breaks from the monotony of just one color palette.  

Try to create a combination that, at a glance, you might think wouldn’t work. You’ll discover that harmony can be found among the chaos. 

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