3 Tips for Decorative Pillows That Match Your Couch Perfectly

Decorative pillows are a must for any home.
3 Tips for Decorative Pillows That Match Your Couch Perfectly

Last update: 13 March, 2019

In today’s post, we’re going to explain how to arrange your decorative pillows perfectly on your couch. They’re definitely decor accessories that you want to have in your home.

As we’ve already mentioned in other posts, never underestimate complements and accessories. They might not seem that important, but they have a big visual impact and even more so if you want to use them on your favorite couch.

These types of accessories  offer a lot of decor possibilities. They should also be practical. In other words, they should help you feel comfortable (just like comforters do– the kind of padding is crucial.) It’s the same case for pillows, mattresses or plaids: all of these elements help us feel more comfortable in bed or on the couch.

You need to arrange them according to a set of criteria for a result that’s totally balanced and in place. Below, we’ll give  you some tips.

decorative pillows 1

1. Your couch dimensions

Logically, arranging decorative pillows on a two or three seater couch won’t be the same as setting them up on a chaise longue. Choose your pillows according to the size of your couch to ensure a nice match and balanced decor. Using too many pillows will only drown your couch.

If you want standard sized pillows, 50 x 50 cm. pillows are perfect. They’ll easily match well with any area of your home like the living room. However, we recommend using different sized pillows for a more dynamic effect.

Also, use an appropriate amount of decorative pillows for your couch size. We suggest using at least one or two more pillows than the number of seats your couch has. For example, if you have a four-seater couch, use at least 5 or 6 pillows. In most cases, using an odd number of pillows creates a balanced effect.

2. Look for the best color combination

Planning while keeping your couch color palette, as well as the palette of the rest of your room, in mind is crucial: living room, study, bedroom… Matching colors is a basic step for creating a decor that’s completely harmonious.

decorative pillows 2

You should also factor in the material of your couch: leather, fur, a colorful cover…

Setting up decorative pillows on a white couch isn’t the same as setting them up on a pink or green couch. Depending on the couch, you have to decide to use a more monochromatic decor or not. In any case, we never recommend using pillows that are the same color as your couch or a nearby wall. Instead, try to create a little contrast.

Lighter or pastel colors are easier to use in decor. On the other hand, working with other colors, like red, can be a challenge.

Just remember that your couch should have at least four pillows; choose at least one or two colors. Arrange them strategically for a balanced result.

3. Try using decorative pillows with different textures, patterns…

Whatever colors you end up choosing, pillows generally look great in pairs. Just remember to start from the inside and work your way out to each end. This idea is particularly great if you like symmetrical decor.

decorative pillows 3

Your pillows don’t have to all be the same but make sure that they have similar characteristics. For example: if you use two pillows, they don’t have to be an identical color but if they both have pompoms on their corners, they’ll work great.

The best way to find the right pillows is trying to match patterns and textures that are all in the same color range. Create your decor in a balanced way, mixing some smooth pillows with textured ones and patterns with solids.

We hope that our tips gave you a better idea of how to set up your couch pillow decor. Remember that accessories matter: they can help you completely change a room. That’s precisely why many people change their pillow covers for seasons or events.

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