5 Monochrome Decors that you Will Love

Decorating a room using different shades of the same color doesn't have to be boring and stressful. Let us show you why.
5 Monochrome Decors that you Will Love

Last update: 20 December, 2018

Monochrome decors are a new trend for decorating all kinds of interiors. The concept is simple: to choose just one color and combine different shades throughout the interior decor.

Without a doubt, it could seem like a safe bet. Since it’s just the same color, how could it fail? But even though you’ll be using the same color throughout, you should pay attention to the following suggestions so that the end result is harmonious, balanced, and doesn’t appear monotonous.

To avoid possible monotony, we recommend that you always include something textured such as fabric prints, even though it could definitely still be within the same color range. In this way, although you could class the end result as serene, you would never think of branding it as monotonous.

As you will surely understand, it can be a little complex to choose just one color to decorate a room. That’s why we think it’s important that you learn about color psychology. That way you’ll know what colors transmit which sensations while in the room.

-Each individual has their own unique color, which shines faintly around the contours of their body. Like a halo. Or a backlight.-

-Haruki Murakami-

Many times, what can worry you the most is the color of the walls, without taking into account the fact that everything else in the room also influences the general feel. Things such as the color of the sofa, the curtains, the rug or the mantelpiece, for example.

Below, you can find 5 monochrome decors that are pretty, original and versatile. You can find tips for each one on what sensations each color transmits.

1. Azul

This is the color of harmony. It helps to reduce stress and lends calmness to a room. With it, you receive a sense of well being, and a feeling of order.

Think of being at the seaside for hours watching the waves, and the tranquility that this gives you. The same thing happens if you lie down in the sand or on the lawn and stare at the blue sky. Well, you can recreate that sensation in your own home, without the need to go outside.

For that very reason, blue is many people’s favorite color. Without a doubt, it’s also very commonly used in the world of interior decor.

Among the tones most commonly used, you can find sky blue, grayish blue, or turquoise blue, which leans a little towards green. There are approximately another hundred or so shades; so as you can see, there are many possibilities for your decor.

Monochrome decors in various shades of blue can give a sense of harmony and well being

2. Green

Another option in our selection of monochrome decors, the color green transmits freshness, freedom, and tranquility. It’s associated with a feeling of peace, of hope, growth, and renovation.

It’s also the color of nature, and don’t forget that natural decor is the trend of the year.

In keeping with the theme of all natural, you could decorate your home with some indoor plants. As well as being excellent decorative items, plants bring certain health advantages. More and more people are creating their very own green corners around the house.

With this color, together with its many shades, you will be able to achieve a decor that exudes freshness and energy. If you want to create a tranquil and serene room, we recommend that you choose softer tones (such as sea green for example). However, using more brilliant tones can also produce an excellent effect.

Monochrome decors in green can give a sense of freshness and energy to the home

3. Orange

Orange is commonly associated with youth and extroversion. It’s also closely related to strong emotions, always positive of course. Without a doubt, it’s a joyful, fun color.

However, it could turn out somewhat garish and even overwhelming if you overuse it, so you should take care when it comes to combining orange in its various shades. It would be a good idea to choose softer tones, such as those found in the sky just before sunset.

Orange isn’t really a color to have completely monochrome. It’s much better to combine it with other colors such as white or other light neutral colors that will tone it down.

But don’t let that deter you. If you take care you could achieve an interior decor that’s warm, brilliant and very comfortable. We don’t recommend you use it in bedrooms, but rather in rooms such as the kitchen or dining area.

Monochrome decors using orange can be very brilliant and energetic, but be careful not to overdo it

4. White

Lighter colors, and especially white, are perfect to lend a feeling of space and luminosity to a room. As a consequence, it’s ideal for decorating a bright and airy apartment or house.

White is a huge ally within the world of interior design. It would go well if you match it up with simple, pure and natural interiors.

If it’s for a small house or apartment, it’s totally ok to use white to make the space seem a little bigger. It is, without doubt, an infallible resource, one of our monochrome decors that would go well in any room of your house.

You could test out combining white with various shades of gray, beige or cream. However, there are people who prefer to leave everything all white.

Monochrome decors done in white can add luminosity and a sense of space to a room

5. Pink

The color pink is normally thought of as being limited to young or teenage girls’ bedrooms, to give them a feminine touch. It’s a color that is very cozy, positive and comforting.

Don’t mix too many deep or strong shades of pink since you don’t want the end result to be too overwhelming. It could be uncomfortable to spend too much time in the room if that’s the case. That’s why it would be better to choose the majority of softer tones.

Using pink, you will achieve a decor that’s harmonious and that transmits sensations of tranquility and peace.

Monochrome decors done in pink can be very cozy and comforting

Conclusion on monochrome decors

As you’ve seen, monochrome decors can be a great option for decorating interiors. Although you might think that it could turn out monotonous, you’ve learned reasons why that doesn’t have to be the case.

Taking the above suggestions into account, it will be possible to achieve very pretty monochrome decors, that are original and dynamic. Obviously, you can, of course, combine these colors with others, such as white which is the perfect option to balance a room.