Try These Great Ideas to Update Your Bedroom

You'll like these tips for a new bedroom look.
Try These Great Ideas to Update Your Bedroom

Last update: 28 January, 2021

If you want to update your bedroom but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’re in luck! We’ll give you some ideas that won’t make you empty your purse.

If you’re wanting to remodel your bedroom, we’re going to come up with some easy and effective ideas that take very little money. And we’re sure that if you follow our advice, you’ll be very happy with this part of the house.

Of course, you have a lot of doubts and you don’t know where to begin. No worries, because we’ll help you step by step so the job of decorating will be as productive as possible. Let’s get started!

Ideas to update your bedroom


Special painting to update your bedroom

To easily transform your bedroom paint the walls. Try using a unique painting technique. You can try a combing effect that’s great for walls that aren’t perfect,

By using this technique you’ll be able to create an illusion that makes the walls seem farther away. First, put on two coats of white paint, and once dry, you can start to paint with your chosen color. Afterward, when the paint is still fresh, comb the walls with a special brush.

If this technique isn’t to your liking you can try another option. This time you can use oil paint which takes longer to dry. However, this will allow you to produce a more uniform effect on the walls.

A cozy place to read in a small space

Small chair in a corner for reading

Pay attention to every inch of your bedroom. Look at it with a critical eye and think of how you can best take advantage of the space. Sometimes, it’s enough just to change the location of the furniture and make a reading corner.

Six square feet will give enough room for an easy chair and a table in the corner. It could even be a table and a bean bag chair. Also, to pull the whole thing together choose a wall hanging that goes with the bedspread or comforter that you have.

Make the reading corner as comfortable as possible and a peaceful area. To do that, we recommend that you have the door behind you.

Re-covering the headboard to update your bedroom

A large bed with gray headboard and linens

Either because it’s showing wear or simply because you want a new look for your room, you can re-cover your headboard. I

Select a quilted design with florals, plaid, or just plain. It’s up to you. However, this type of upholstery is more difficult to do than conventional re-covering.

Take into account that you’ll need to mark the buttons, re-cover the structure of the headboard with the foam of a particular thickness, and then attach the fabric. Finally, you’ll need to put the buttons in their original location.

Update your bedroom by changing the curtains

Long gray curtains and sheers on the windows

Do you want to redo your bedroom without the furniture? Don’t think about it anymore – just update the curtains. Before choosing the fabric just make sure that it’ll guarantee privacy and let light in at the same time.

That’s why we recommend a semi-transparent fabric. An alternative is to put up sheers and also less transparent curtains. Be practical and choose a polyester and cotton fabric since they’re easier to wash.

Also, choose a fabric color that combines with the bed linen and upholstery in the room. This way you’ll create a good chromatic equilibrium.

Carpets, an essential detail

Large bed with aqua linens to update your bedroom

Be generous with size when you purchase carpets and don’t be afraid to bring in a little color. It’s alright for the bed to partially cover the carpet so that it doesn’t dominate the room so much.

You don’t need to have a carpet for every season. It’s worth buying a high-quality woolen carpet that’s not plush. This will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You can also select other materials for your carpets, such as a cotton mix, with anti-dust mite features. Or a linen carpet is recommended for its anti-allergy features. Viscose and wool carpets are cool and durable.

Update your bedroom with matching bed linen

Bed with matching lavender bedspread to update your bedroom

Using a white base with another touch of color, you’ll always find that the bed will look coordinated. So if you have white sheets with embroidery or colored topstitching, do use them because they’ll look great.

We encourage you to also try white with warm colors, such as mauves, and blues, in 100% cotton. What about prints? We recommend only small prints for your linens.

Take into account that it’s ideal to have four sets of linen for your bed. This way you can change them periodically for a perfect look.

We’re sure that after reading this article you’ll feel like redoing your bedroom.