Ideas for Decorating Your House in Winter

During the winter months, it's not usually very appealing to leave the house. The cold outside can make you want to stay snuggled up on the sofa. How can you make sure your home is the cozy refuge you need during winter? Here's a few ideas.
Ideas for Decorating Your House in Winter

Last update: 13 February, 2020

With the changing of the seasons, the temperature drops and you don’t go out as much as in summer. Should this change also affect your decor? Well, almost all homes could use a little extra warmth in winter, so here are some tips on decorating your house to add that extra touch for the long cold months.

You must direct your attention to nature. Why? Well, nature is transformed during the approach to winter and can help to inspire a winter-themed decor.

Don’t forget that decorating the house in winter doesn’t necessarily mean filling it with cool, muted colors and decorations. Aim to add vitality to your home with warm, bright and colorful items that will give a fresh touch to the atmosphere.

Take into account the fact that each season of the year has its distinctive feel, and this should correspondingly result in changes in your home decor. Include items that are appropriate to the current weather, whether it be in winter or spring, for example.

When decorating your house for winter, you should focus on giving a touch of extra color and life to the home, adding items that fill the room with warmth.

Of course, this doesn’t mean making huge transformations. You could just change a few small details in the decor to vary the feel of the room.

Below, we’ll show you some suggestions and ideas on the best and quickest ways to help you with decorating your house in winter. With these tips, you can make your home more appealing and suitable to the flavor of the season.

Use warm colors

Living room decor featuring warm brown and yellow

By using warm colors, you’ll achieve a cozier and more comfortable home that will be a refuge from the cold outside. Using warm tones such as brown or beige will help you achieve the perfect warmth for decorating your house in winter. Of course, don’t forget that the best option is using lighter shades.

It depends of course on your current decor and what colors you like, but if you choose wintry colors like gray or blue, remember to combine them with brighter tones. You can achieve attractive effects by combining these with warmer colors, for instance mixing pale blue with brown.

Another option you have is to utilize strong colors. You can use striking colors in small doses to good effect, such as cherry red, yellow or apple green.

Ideas for decorating the house in winter: rugs

Use rugs to add extra warmth during the cold season

One of the keys to a warmer decor is using rugs in strategic spots around the home. You don’t have to buy a huge wall to wall carpet; a few small rugs will do the trick.

Apart from being an excellent aid to decor on their own, rugs also give that warm touch to a room. You could put rugs down all through the house, especially in rooms such as the bedroom or the living room where you spend a lot of time.

Rugs also give a sense of intimacy, which is perfect for wintertime. You won’t be able to resist curling up in front of the fireplace on a soft rug with a good book and hot chocolate.

If you have the good fortune to have a fireplace in your home, make sure you decorate it to make it a real feature. You can do this with small pot plants, candles and other small items.

Take advantage of natural light

A woman opening the curtains and windows

In wintertime, don’t forget to open the blinds and throw back the curtains. By doing this, you can take advantage of the little natural light that’s available during the winter months. You’ll bathe your home in sunlight and fill it with warmth. Don’t forget that sunlight in wintertime has a special intensity that even lifts the mood.

Don’t forget that the quantity of sunlight that enters the home is directly related to a home’s energy efficiency. Natural light helps you to save on both lighting and heating.

Opening up the blinds at the right moment of the day will help you to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home and will reduce heating consumption.

Decorating the house in winter with candles

Use candles for decorating the house in winter

Candles have become the new look in interior decor, during winter and even more so during the Christmas season. When you light a few candles, it warms up the home, but candles also create a unique, intimate atmosphere. You can also go for a few aromatic candles.

Decoration during the winter season should add warmth to your house, as we’ve seen. You can create cozy spaces with just a few simple tricks. Why not try a few of these ideas yourself?

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