Long Pile Rugs for Your Home in Wintertime

Make sure warm long pile rugs aren't missing from your floors this winter. They're the perfect decor item for comfort, softness and warmth.
Long Pile Rugs for Your Home in Wintertime

Last update: 09 May, 2019

Did you know that one of the parts of the body the cold enters the quickest is through the feet? Of course, there’s nothing better than having warm feet on a nice carpeted floor. So, in this article, you’ll be able to find out all about different types of long pile rugs for wintertime.

There are many different types of rugs that exist. Some can be very elaborate, with patterns and high-quality materials. But do they really warm your feet up? Are they practical? You might be more interested in a functional rug that will be more comfortable, especially during the cold season.

Sometimes you might be tempted to purchase certain commercial products because of their appearance. For instance, have you ever bought a rug just because of the pretty or interesting pattern? But when you took it home you discovered that it actually wasn’t made of very good material.

It’s always good to do your research first before you buy. Don’t get carried away – looks aren’t everything.

Long pile rugs: a pleasure for your feet

A pink long pile rug in a bedroom

Long pile rugs have a very special quality: they are comfortable and relaxing for your feet. These items are definitely a great addition to any home, especially for the bedroom.

Their very appearance and texture also add to the decor of a room. Rugs have both functional and decorative characteristics. Thanks to the comfort they add, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. Rugs also help to keep the heat in your home.

These rugs can add the perfect touch to a room and complement the existing furnishings. There are of course many colors and patterns you can find, although solid colors are more common. With long pile rugs, your feet won’t get cold and will be protected from the icy floor.

It’s best to choose products that have both functional and decorative qualities.

Anthracite gray rug

An anthracite rug is perfect for the living room floor

There is a wide variety of colors and sizes that this rug comes in. However, the interesting part is the quality of its pile. It’s also very easy to acquire and you’ll find it at a reasonable price.

  • The material is a combination of acrylic and polyester: it’s comfortable and gives the sensation of a thick, cushioned floor.
  • It has long pile of 2 inches in height and weighs about 20 pounds. It’s therefore quite different from typical rugs you find in shops, and from Persian rugs, that usually have a much shorter, finer pile.
  • It comes in various shades: you can find this rug in dark colors, but it would be best to find a complementing tone that will go with the rest of the furnishings. A shade of gray may be best so the rug doesn’t overwhelm the room. That’s the most common color you can find on the market.

Long pile woolen rugs

A white long pile woolen rug on a timber floor

Another very common variety of rugs are those made of wool. Their texture is probably among the softest you can find. Don’t forget that rugs are made to be stepped on, so they must be made of resistant and durable materials.

  • The texture appears velvety. Just the appearance on its own transmits softness and comfort.
  • It’s a very springy, fluffy, and of course a comfortable rug. Contact with it transmits a sense of relaxation as if time has stopped.
  • The material is smooth and spongy.
  • Of course, there are different types of wool rugs that you can find, and the prices are usually quite comparable to polyester rugs.
  • When choosing a rug, woolen rugs, as much as the previous polyester/acrylic rug, can be a good choice. However, as with this rug, wool is certainly a good example of how softness can really take shape.

Don’t hesitate; choose the best for your home. Your feet will thank you!

Imitation animal fur

A white sheepskin rug on a timber floor

For those who like imitation fur, there are certain rugs that have the appearance of animal fur. However, of course, they are not made from real skin.

  • You can find different types of imitation fur. One of the most popular is imitation sheepskin, in the shape of a rug. These can be white or beige and are generally long pile rugs.
  • The rug is actually made of synthetic skin, with an appearance that copies the real thing. The pile is soft and fine.
  • For this rug, it would be perfect to put it in a place in your home where all can see and enjoy it. So, it would be a good idea to install it in the living room or in the main bedroom.

Rugs for the bathroom

A circular rug for the bathroom

Softness can also be represented by rugs made with synthetic wool. These can also imitate sheepskin. The shape is different from the previous examples of rugs. It’s usually circular and is suitable for the bathroom.

Since these rugs are of a smaller size, they fit better in smaller rooms, such as the bathroom or even an en suite. But they still retain a certain softness and comfort. Also, they weigh a lot less than other rugs and can provide the perfect complement for the other bathroom furnishings.