Winter Essentials: How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

When summer ends it's time to prepare your home for winter.
Winter Essentials: How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Last update: 08 May, 2019

After a long summer, winter finally arrives. It’s important to prepare your house for winter because you’ll have different needs than in the summer or spring. It’s time to think about the winter essentials.

Basically, we need a cozier, warmer environment since we will spend lots of time indoors.

In this article, you’ll find elements that you absolutely need in your house this winter.

To help you with this, we’ve established four categories of winter essentials.

The light

In the winter, there are fewer hours of light outside so light coming in through windows is important on clear days. However, although they let light in, windows also can let cold in as well.

Therefore, choosing thicker curtains can be key during the winter. One of the most common fabrics is velvet. Just by touching this fabric, you’ll feel a bit warmer.

However, on cloudy days, you’ll need to use artificial light sources such as floor lamps and candles. This type of light is very cozy and warm.

Another thing that is trendy is to use light boxes that, in addition to light, depict a message or image that represents you as a family or a couple.

Light boxes are a great addition to winter essentials.


The textiles you use in the winter should be different from what you use in the summer because unless you live in the tropics, you’ll feel the cold during the winter.

Therefore, blankets on the sofa are true winter essentials. In addition, fabrics used for winter blankets are soft. They let you sit and read a book without feeling cold at all.

Also, you should consider fluffy bedding. Take off your feather comforter and put on a comforter with warm colors, like red, blue, or violet.

In addition, you can add many cushions of different shapes and texture. With these winter essentials, it’ll be hard to get out of bed in the morning.

People often say that cold enters through the feet. Therefore, if your feet are cold, you’ll feel cold throughout the body. To prevent this from happening, you can put rugs next to the bed. There’s nothing better than getting up and having something soft under your feet.

You should also consider winter essentials for the bedroom.

In the bathroom, rugs are also winter essentials. When you get out of the shower, there’s a big change in temperature. Counteract this change with a good bathrobe and a nice rug to keep your feet warm.

In addition, carpets and rugs help when it comes to reducing heat loss.


Winter is a season when you need to cover up and protect yourself from the cold so choosing the right materials is important.

Materials that are winter essentials:

  • Wood: This material is perfect for winter because it makes a room feel cozy.
  • Fur (synthetic): You can use this material for both carpets and blankets. It is warm and welcoming. It also gives a touch of winter to the home.
  • Metal: Recently, winter essentials have been characterized by metals such as copper. In addition, pink copper is super trendy.


Winter has a characteristic smell and a lot of people associate it with Christmas. This is a season when you can enjoy your whole house smelling like ginger or cinnamon.

You should consider aromatic candles. Besides a rich aroma, they will give off light that creates a cozy atmosphere on the coldest winter nights.

Candles are winter essentials.

Incense or air fresheners with your favorite scent can give the perfect touch to your house in the winter.

All your winter essentials

Winter is not a favorite season for many people because they link it with melancholy or sadness.

With these winter essentials, you can make your home so warm and cozy that you don’t want to leave.

Therefore, consider fluffy, warm textiles. Also, don’t forget cozy, synthetic fur rugs.

In addition, choose materials such as copper or wood as decorative elements. Also, don’t forget winter scents (pine, ginger, cinnamon).

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