Copper Furniture for Your In-Home Decoration

Adding some copper furniture to your house can give it a wonderfully original look. Here are some ideas.
Copper Furniture for Your In-Home Decoration

Last update: 15 March, 2019

In this article, we’re going to tell you about some pieces of copper furniture you can use to decorate your home. The kinds of things we’re talking about will give it a unique, original look.

Copper, gold, and silver have all been becoming more popular in home decor lately. They’re not just for the rich anymore–use them to give your home an elegant, sophisticated touch.

Whether furniture, fabric or other accessories (like faucets), you have to remember not to use these colors in a room that already has a lot of energy. It would be too over-the-top. This is easier if you’re just looking for a little bit here and there, but it can be much more complicated with bigger pieces of furniture.

copper lamp

It might not seem this way at first, but you can also use it with  tons of styles, like Nordic, industrial, rustic, grunge, etc…The important thing is to have a good color palette. Generally, that means using soft colors to create a visual contrast. For example, white, grey, and earth tones go great with copper.

Keep reading if you want to see our ideas about copper furniture and hop on this amazing trend!

Copper furniture for your home


Firstly, we want to point out that the entire piece of furniture doesn’t have to be copper. It could also just be in certain parts, or as a small detail. That can keep the pieces from sucking up all the attention in a room.

For example, with shelves, you could pick out a piece where only one shelf is copper. Or, you could pick out one with glass shelves and gold running up and down the sides. That’s a great way of giving the shelf a defined shape.

If you do want a shelf that’s entirely copper, we suggest you get one on the small side or one that’s very thin. Medium-height shelves are perfect for a bathroom.

copper shelves

You might also have a wooden or marble shelf where just a part of it is copper. Just remember that the important thing is for the materials and colors to match and look nice. 

Living room tables

Here, we’re talking specifically about coffee tables  and side tables. Like in the section above, you’ll find some tables that are entirely copper, and some that just have it in certain parts (the border, the legs, etc).

These are kind of similar to tables with a mirror for a surface, and give the space all the same originality. You can also play around with materials and textures by adding accessories like trays and vases.

Ideally, the table should have a simple but interesting design somewhere like the legs. That way the copper will stand out more and define the shape of the table. If you’ve picked out a table that’s entirely copper, keep in mind the rest of the furniture. You don’t want to overload the space with colors or have it look unbalanced.

Copper chairs can make great furniture for any room!

Last but not least: chairs. There are lots of chairs with an entirely copper surface nowadays. They usually have a very simple design because the copper gives them all the visual impact they need.

If the chair back has a special design or shape (squares, triangles, etc), that could look even better. It’ll give an understated, elegant touch to any room you put it in. You should be able to find lots of tables like this.

copper chair for home decoration

You could also opt for a chair that just has copper legs. The upper part could be made of wood, natural fibers, or even leather. Like we said above, the important thing is for the overall look to be balanced.

We hope these ideas have been helpful. If you liked the idea of having copper furniture at home, you can find lots of different models in stores and online. Just remember to pick out colors and accessories that go well in your space. Copper, aluminum, gold, and silver are here to stay, and you can also find them in closets, dressers, baths, you name it.

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