How to Incorporate the Andean Style Into Your Home

Using Andean style decor in your home will guarantee that it stands out from the crowd. With handmade details and bright, warm colors, you can let your personality shine through. It's also a great way to show off all the souvenirs you brought back from your travels in South America.
How to Incorporate the Andean Style Into Your Home

Last update: 28 January, 2020

Interior design is constantly changing, introducing us to new trends on an almost daily basis. One recent arrival is the Andean style, and there are so many advantages to using South American-inspired objects in your decor. The best thing is, you can use this style without having to start redecorating your home from scratch.

By adding a few key objects to your space, you can easily combine the Andean look with your current decor. Even the smallest elements can add a really interesting touch to your rooms, filling them with a sense of warmth, modernity, and originality.

The Andean style is characterized by bold prints, a wide variety of materials, and tons of character. Wooden objects, textiles, clay pots, stone floors, and handmade ceramics are also prominent features.

One of the most notable traits of this unique style is the wide range of bright colors used in traditional designs.

Andean style living rooms

Traditional South American textiles.

The living room is a great place to incorporate simple decorative items with a huge impact. For example, you could buy cushions with Andean motifs, and use them to decorate your armchairs and sofas. Blankets and textiles are another fantastic option and can be used to cover couches or tables.

When it comes to carpets, you can find some really beautiful examples of handmade rugs of all different shapes and sizes. Let your creative juices flow, and try hanging these rugs on your living room walls.


Andean style living room decor.

In the world of interior decor, Andean-inspired items are in high demand. With a little imagination, you’ll be able to give your home some interesting and original features, without breaking the bank.

One of the most popular ideas is to hang traditional carpets or blankets on the walls. You can also include pictures featuring typical Andean themes.

Andean style dining rooms

In dining rooms, the Andean style is great for little details such as table cloths or napkins. However, if you really want it to stand out, we would recommend looking for some traditional handmade objects. With these small decorative items, your room will have that authentic Andean feel in no time.

While they’re normally used to tether llamas or alpaca, one option is to use knotted ropes typical of the Andean region to decorate your space. You can complement these with traditional ceramic dinnerware or baskets.

You could also incorporate pots, dreamcatchers, paintings or textiles inspired by South American culture. If you take a look online, you’ll be able to find all these accessories, handmade by local artisans.

The Andean style can be a great option when it comes to choosing handmade items for your home, from clay pots to textiles hand-embroidered with traditional motifs.

Decorate your bedroom in the Andean style

Decorating bedrooms.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, there are plenty of beautiful Andean-themed textiles to choose from. You’ll find traditional patterns featuring South American figures and symbols, as well as more modern designs.

Use the textiles you like best to make beautiful combinations of pillows and cushions. These will stand out beautifully on a plain or neutral colored comforter. You could also choose large colorful carpets that cover almost the entire floor or place smaller rugs at the foot of your bed.

Andean decor – exteriors

When it comes to decorating exteriors, you can let your imagination run wild. Baskets are a great option and are available in a wide range of different materials and colors. You can find a range of lighter or darker tones – depending on your taste – and use them as planters.

If suitable for your home, you could also consider incorporating stone sculptures into your interior design. One option might be to use these sculptures as the main feature of your patio. Alternatively, they can also make fantastic wall decorations.

The batán is a stone kitchen utensil used to grind food and is mainly used in Peru. It consists of one large flat stone, and a smaller stone to grind the food. This authentic Andean object could be the perfect addition to your backyard.

The DIY decor trend is all the rage at the moment. Traditional Andean crafts could be a great way to fill your space with charm. While these types of handmade objects were originally designed for rural houses, they’ve since found their place in modern-style homes.

As you can see, the Andean style is a great way to fill your home with a sense of warmth and originality.