Colorful Rugs: Original Spaces

Want to create more original spaces in your home? In today's post, we want to show you some original options!
Colorful Rugs: Original Spaces

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Colorful rugs are becoming very popular for interiors. Before, people generally used neutral tones and the most traditional designs possible. These days, the fashion has changed and colorful rugs are stealing the spotlight. That means choosing the right color, shape, and material is key.

Colorful rugs come in a large variety of shapes, materials, and sizes. Choosing the right one will depend on where you want to put it and the colors of your home. Knowing how to match the colors with your rug is crucial. In our post today, we’ll show you colorful rug ideas and styles to use in your home.

Lovely rug options

The right style will depend on where you want to put your rug. Whether the rugs are for children, teenagers or common spaces will also be a determining factor as well.

colorful rug spaces

Colors: match and contrast

Ideally, you want to match and contrast the colors of your room and rug. If you go with a rug with vibrant colors, match it to a neutral room. Try bright colors like red, violet, blue or yellow.

Colors like white, chalk white, browns or grays for your walls and furniture work well with colored rugs. A popular decor idea is using the same colors for sofa pillows, and rugs. Another idea to try is adding small decorative elements like pictures or vases with the same colors as your rug. Don’t overwhelm your rooms but aim to showcase your rug as much as possible.

White, blue, red, and wine

The combination of the colors blue, red and wine on a big rug with white walls is another wonderful idea. It looks amazing if you have spacious, well-lit rooms.

Felt ball rugs

Felt ball rugs are a hot trend. These rugs are made with colorful felt balls and their splash of color make them great for children’s or teenagers’ rooms. You can also use them in living rooms. Try to match them with elegant furniture and fabrics to create visual balance.

In addition, felt rugs are very soft. You’ll love stepping on these colorful rugs barefoot.

Alfombra de bola de colores de fieltro.

Two-tone rugs with geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are becoming quite popular in home fabrics. This style could look great in the living room. There are endless varieties of geometric patterned rugs.

Look for a pretty one that uses two or three colors. Blue and white rugs with geometric patterns look great anywhere.

Small squares

Our last rug is original and fun. These plush rugs feature different colored squares. In just one rug, you might find yellow, orange, red, violet, blue-green and plenty more. These kinds of bright and colorful rugs work in rooms that aren’t too colorful themselves.

Try not to go overboard. Using too much color can be a disaster and be visually uncomfortable. But if your home needs a little color, these rugs could be a great way to liven things up.

Colorful rug squares

As you’ve read with us today, there are all kinds of colorful rugs out there. Match them to the fabrics you already have at home and contrast with your walls and floors. Make sure to analyze your home color palette carefully and add the rug in the right place. Remember, never overwhelm your home with too many different colors.

Choosing one strong color and balancing it with neutral colors is the best way to go. You also should take care and wash your rugs accordingly. Choose your the best color for your home and acheive style and originality.

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