Home Designs and Distinct Styles that You'll Love

Learn about some of the main types of interior designs. These include industrial, minimalist, and rustic.
Home Designs and Distinct Styles that You'll Love

Last update: 30 March, 2022

There are so many different home designs and distinct styles to choose from that it can get confusing. If you’re looking to buy, rent, or build your own home and you don’t yet know what your style is, keep reading. We’ll explain the three main styles so that you can differentiate each one when you’re house hunting.

You have to take into account all the different aspects that make up a home. Remember that the style of your home will determine the entire aesthetic, so this is an important consideration.

While there’s an infinite variety of designs, we’ll introduce you to the main characteristics of industrial, minimalist, and rustic styles. These styles are very different from one another. They also bring some additional characteristics to our visual plane.

Home designs and distinct styles: industrial

Industrial-style homes generally leave the building materials in view. The idea of this aesthetic is that it resembles an old factory. The mixture of new and raw materials makes this type of home design a very original one.

Materials in full view

In industrial-style homes, you can see exposed beams in the ceilings and walls. You’ll also see concrete walls or bricks with a good combination of wood and iron.

This aesthetic gives off a feeling of being “unfinished” that should be visible both inside and outside the home. In addition, the industrial style is a good way to save money on some common finishes such as painting the walls, for example.

Wide spaces

The industrial style is known for its large, wide spaces. In general, the living room will stand out with very high ceilings and exposed wooden beams.

Industrial home designs and distinct styles: neutral colors

The use of neutral colors such as dark tones, earth tones, grays, and black is very common in this type of style. The colors will depend on the materials that the construction team used.

Furniture and other objects

You can use iron and wood or a combination of both in the furniture inside your home. A nice way to incorporate both materials is to use a wooden table with iron legs. You can also include lockers with an aged appearance in the main hallway. In addition, old objects will be the stars of the show in these types of houses.

Industrial textures

Aged textures that are discolored and worn are fundamental to an industrial-style home.

Home designs and distinct styles: minimalist

The saying, less is more perfectly describes this home design. The less information and elements that are in this design, the more minimalist the design will be. In general, these homes have very high ceilings and they’re built with new and resistant materials. They stand out for their straight and angled lines and their wide spaces.

Minimalist colors

In these types of homes, it’s better not to overload or overwhelm the eye. As such, you’ll create more lighting from light shades such as white, chalk, or light gray. You can also seek contrasting natural colors in these spaces too. For example, you can have white walls with black or brown furniture.

Low furniture and high ceilings

Although these spaces usually have very high ceilings, it’s common to use very low furniture. This showcases or highlights the height and creates a visual difference.

minimalist bedroom

Rustic design in your home

The rustic style is very sought after. Nowadays, people want to preserve and give attention to natural materials and how beautiful they look. As a result, rustic design is characterized by the use of these materials. Wood and stone stand out as being cornerstones of this style.

Warm colors

The use of warm tones in this type of space goes perfectly with the colors of natural materials. The yellow colors and range of browns and whites are fundamental inside and outside a rustic home.

Home designs and distinct styles: visible natural materials

Stone or wooden walls have rustic details that add warmth. These types of house designs have unique styles and you can find them all over the world.

Before you do anything, you should think about what you really want in a home. You can also accentuate the different styles by adding decorative furniture and colorful elements.

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