4 Interesting Wooden Wall Designs

Learn about four types of different wooden walls that you can find on the market. Choose the ideal designs for your home.
4 Interesting Wooden Wall Designs

Last update: 20 March, 2022

Do you want wooden walls in your home but don’t know which one to choose? In this article, we’ll show you some designs to decorate your home interior. A wooden wall is a nice and interesting alternative for your home. In addition, today you can find a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Wood provides warmth and well-being to interior spaces. It’s a noble and natural material that you can apply to generate certain atmospheres at home. You can apply wood to the walls of your home in whole or in part. Here, we’ll show you some interesting designs that you may like.

Wooden wall designs

You can find a wide variety of wooden wall designs on the market or you can even design them yourself and make them to measure. Here are four wooden wall designs.

Wooden walls and ceiling.

1- Wood planks

Wood planks are the most common option when it comes to the walls of homes. You can use planks vertically, horizontally or combine both, as you wish. In addition, wood planks are easy to source and you can easily adapt them to your spaces. As we’ve mentioned before, you can cover your walls with this beautiful material both partially or in its entirety.

A nice alternative is to partially cover your walls with wooden planks vertically or horizontally. This way, you’ll be able to cover two-thirds of your entire wall at the bottom end of it. Then expose the plaster and paint it in light colors such as white or chalk. You’ll see how beautiful it can look.

In addition, you can apply your planks in the shades of wood that you like best or that best suit your spaces. Also, if you wish, you can play with the different variants of the color of the wood. By doing this, you’ll create a more interesting and dynamic wall–in terms of texture.

2- Panels for a wooden wall

There’s a wide variety of wood panels of different designs, shapes, and textures on the market. There are smooth or carved, square or rectangular. In addition, these types of wood panels are usually large. As such, they’ll be ideal and will look particularly nice in large spaces with high ceilings.

White wooden panels.

These panels are also widely used to apply to wall fragments. If you use textured carved panels, try not to overload the room. It’ll be better if you apply a few at one end, at the center of the wall, for example.

Square or rectangular and smooth panels are widely used for the walls where a fireplace is located. They frame this area beautifully. Moreover, they’ll accompany and complement the design of your spaces. Depending on the colors and aesthetics of your home, you can choose the panel color that you like best. You can apply panels in dark, medium or light brown and even black or white wood.

3- Wood mosaics

This third wooden wall design is very interesting. These are wooden mosaics of the same size and different shades of brown. They’re small squares located one next to the other that make up a total area. It’s a warm, interesting design with great visual dynamics. Due to its interesting grid texture and the complexity of its design, it’s essential that you apply them to a small portion of the wall, such as in the hallway of your home. If you apply them on all the walls of your home, it can overload the room and feel dizzy.

Wood mosaic.
Wood mosaic / spacesdemadera.blogspot.com

4- Wooden wall geometric panels

Finally, there are the geometric panel designs in wood. They’re wooden panels cut out with different geometric figures that fit together with each other. This type of design is ideal for large spaces and environments with modern aesthetics. They bring design, warmth and dynamism to the walls of your home.

These panels will be slightly raised from the surface of your walls, thus, the separation between each of them will be accentuated by the contrasting base tone on the wall.

Although we’ve mentioned four different wooden wall designs, there are many more options. Choose the one that you like best and that suits the style and colors of your home. It’ll also depend on whether you have a rustic, modern, minimalist or industrial space.

Try to combine colors and materials in such a way that wood brings design and warmth to all your spaces.