Using Plasterboard at Home

Plasterboard is a very interesting component for construction and decoration. Keep reading to learn more about its uses and advantages at home.
Using Plasterboard at Home

Last update: 06 January, 2022

In the world of interior design, there are all kinds of formulas to achieve the ideal living space. The objective is that we achieve comfort and that it’s aesthetically pleasing. A way to do this is through the use of plasterboard in the home. It’s increasingly used for its ease of installation and distinctive appearance.

This material is also readily available and cheap to use. Widely used by builders and designers for the guarantees it offers, it’s a strong and resistant product that’s easy to work with.

The objective we set ourselves is to have a well-equipped home with interesting decorative resources. As a general rule, we resort to typical construction materials, although other options are available that are worth studying carefully.

What is plasterboard?

Gypsum board in the home

If you take a look around, you’ll notice how common plasterboard is becoming. It’s used to create partitions and coatings, both for ceilings and walls.

You can purchase it in the form of plates and panels and it can occupy both large and small areas. Moreover, being a malleable material, it’s also lightweight.

Where can we find this off-white, laminated cardboard plaster? Traditionally, it’s been used in large industrial and commercial areas. However, it’s gaining more and more ground in private homes as it’s low cost and offers resistance to the passage of time.

Using plasterboard at home

If you want to carry out a complete home refurbishment, plasterboard offers many different possibilities. Everything is a matter of your needs and the objectives that you set. Let’s see some of its main characteristics within the home:

  1. As mentioned above, its main purpose is to serve as a coating. When creating a new wall or partition, it’s easy to install and can be incorporated directly to the surface or by adjusting it on wooden slats for greater support.
  2. It’s a similar case for ceilings. Plasterboard is easy to handle, it’s not complicated to install and neither does it require great effort. It covers large surfaces and you can change or remove it when necessary.
  3. Once a room is conditioned with this material, it can be painted, tiled, or wallpapered over. This is a great advantage.
  4. The thickness is usually about 15-20 millimeters, while the length is variable. The most common sizes are sections of approximately 2.5 meters, but everything depends on the dimensions of the space where it’s going to be installed.
  5. Equally, it’s necessary to emphasize the practicality and simplicity in its utility, with its refined edges, it’s characterized by its evident functionality–to such an extent that we can easily take care of any subsequent work.

Another advantage: acoustic insulation

Interior coating material

If you decide to use plasterboard at home, you’re betting on a durable and effective product. On the surface, they seem like simple and basic sheets but, deep down, they provide us with other advantages.

Sound insulation is one of its virtues. Not only does it prevent reverb, but it also helps keep outside sounds out. It’s therefore considered to be a very appropriate material for soundproofing rehearsal rooms or music studios.

In the rooms where it’s used, noise is completely eliminated and acoustics are improved. As a result, it could be considered appropriate for city apartments, in order to prevent the bustle from outside entering inside.

Where can you buy plasterboard?

If you want to have plasterboard at home, you need to know and research where to go to buy the best brands. You can easily find it in large commercial DIY stores and ask for advice from sales specialists.

Moreover, there’s also the opportunity to purchase it online. On the internet, you’ll find numerous stores where they also provide a detailed description of this material, with photographs, instructions, and explanations.

In short, plasterboard is a product that is advantageous for all the qualities it has. There’s no doubt that, in the future, we’ll frequently find it in most homes.

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