Frequently Asked Decor Questions Resolved

If you have decor questions while decorating or renovating your house, send us a message and we'll help you find the best solution. We promise it'll help you out!
Frequently Asked Decor Questions Resolved

Last update: 28 October, 2020

Do you have any decor questions? Sometimes you want to have great ideas, but the inspiration is missing.

In this situation, why don’t you let us help you resolve these questions? We’re going to answer some of the questions we’ve received this month.

Frequently asked decor questions

A bathroom with natural lighting.

The bathroom walls

“My children’s bathroom floor is marble and I don’t know what to do with the walls.”

A children’s bathroom tiled completely in marble can be boring. So it would be a good idea to add a base about 43 inches high with small marble pieces.

You could also paint or add some fun wallpaper. Furthermore, this is a budget-friendly way to adapt this room to your children as they grow.

Choosing the bedside tables

“I have a light wooden closet in the bedroom and I don’t know what color to choose for the bedside tables.”

Both white lacquered and painted furniture are compatible with light wooden furniture, it all depends on the feel you want.

Generally, lacquered pieces have fine lines that’ll give the bedroom an informal and modern atmosphere, as well as making the room brighter.

If, on the other hand, you use white-washed or antique pieces, you’ll get a more welcoming and timeless effect. However, we don’t recommend choosing light-wooden bedside tables.

A living room is a place people have decor questions.

Lightening wooden floors

“How can I lighten my wooden floors?”

You can do this by applying specific wood lightening products or using oxygenated water. However, the latter is less effective on reddish woods.

First, test the product you choose on an inconspicuous part of the floor to ensure that you like the result and that there are no unpleasant last-minute surprises.

Decor questions about building a workspace

“My workspace is integrated into the living room. How can I separate it?”

A workspace must allow concentration. If it’s integrated into another room, such as the living room or bedroom, we recommend creating a barrier with a change of floor, the color of the wall…

Bright, cheerful tones, like orange, can awaken creativity. It’s important to have a light that illuminates the work area correctly, so you don’t strain your eyes.

Some baskets with towels inside.

Restoring wicker baskets

“How can I restore the color of my wicker baskets?”

Natural paints are always the best option. Choose between water-based acrylic paint, acrylic enamel, or chalk paint to make your wicker baskets new again.

You can paint the interiors or line them with fabric. To paint them, use a flat brush and give it one layer of paint. The second layer will serve to fill the holes in the wicker braid.

And if you just want to enhance the beautiful natural wicker color, you can paint them with a water-based varnish. The result is ideal for the country style.

Vases for rustic homes

“What are the best vases and flowers for rustic homes?”

Old tin containers combine well with the stone and reddish tones of rustic country homes. Also, copper containers are great. However, so they don’t get damaged by the water, try placing another plastic vase inside that’s not visible.

As for the flowers, you can combine green stems with the more delicate notes of flowers such as bluebells and daffodils to make a fresh spring bouquet. They’ll also make the house smell lovely.

Some family photos on the wall.

Decor questions about arranging photos in the hallway

“I want to decorate the hall with photos. What’s the best arrangement?”

If the hallway isn’t very bright, you should choose small photos and frames that reflect light (polished metal, mirror, gloss finish lacquer…). Different frames can be combined as long as they harmonize with each other.

Another idea is arranging the overall shape so it’s geometrical. And if the photos are in some kind of order, for example, chronological, they should be arranged from left to right.

Are some of your decor questions resolved? We hope we’ve helped you find the best solutions. And, of course, we hope you’ll keep sending us questions because we love helping you.

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