How to Create Feminine-Style Workspaces

How many hours do you spend sat at your desk every day? Do you find your workspace inspiring? Here are a couple of tips for how you can transform your office.
How to Create Feminine-Style Workspaces

Last update: 12 October, 2020

Feminine-style workspaces have become increasingly popular in recent years. This style can bring a touch of glamor and Parisian chic to any home office.

While feminine designs have a lot in common, such as design components, colors and decorative pieces, they can also be fully adapted to the personality of their user. Inspired by the world of fashion, feminine interiors are elegant and sophisticated, while also fun and relaxed.

Nowadays, you can do away with stuffy, boring, gray desks. Instead, you can choose a more feminine look for your workspace. You can find tables and desks that radiate light using white and dusty pink tones, and even black and white Breton stripes.

Materials for feminine-style workspaces

An image representing feminine-style workspaces.

Feminine styles often use materials that are classic, but also modern. For example, they often use wooden desks or shelving painted white or in pastel shades. Antique pieces that have a “shabby chic” look, but with a simple and elegant style, also work particularly well in these designs.

Glass is another beautiful material that you can use to give your work desk a chic look. Some desks, desktops, and even chairs use glass or plastic polymer features. Playing with transparent components is a must in these chic designs.

You can use chrome, metal, silver, and even gold in items like pen holders, staplers or document trays. Silver and blush tone combinations also work great on keyboards, photo frames and flower vases.

No matter your interior style, faux leather and cardboard are two materials that you shouldn’t overlook when decorating your study space. You can get leather or cardboard-bound diaries, notebooks, and accounting books. These can also be dyed in pale pink or rosy tones.

Cardboard can be used for file covers or storage boxes, which are very practical and important for organizing your feminine-style workspace. You can also find versions with black and white Breton stripes to give your space a beautiful Parisian look.

Personalize your work desk

A feminine-style work desk.

Once you’ve decided on your materials and color palette, you can then start to organize your desk to suit your work and, more importantly, your personality.

We spend many hours of our working days at our desks. This is why personalizing workspaces, which can be quite dull and impersonal, has become evermore important.

It’s important to feel comfortable in your workspace, and mementos from past vacations can help with this. These could include photos, cuttings, or elegantly framed motivational phrases that are always in clear view. You could also add floral arrangements in beautiful vases, or a comfortable tartan rug to wrap you up and keep you warm during your working day.

Key features of feminine-style workspaces

An image representing feminine-style workspaces.

There are several popular, iconic decorations and symbols that you can incorporate in your space to achieve the complete chic look. Anything that evokes images of Paris is a great idea. The city of lights has long been a symbol of having travelled the world, something that is an important learning experience.

When creating a feminine-style desk, you can use any travel memento you have, no matter if it’s from Paris, New York or India.

Gold-colored decorations can really make your feminine-style workspace stand out and draw peoples’ attention. There are some beautiful gold decorations available for workspaces, such as document trays, pens, or coasters. You can even find cleverly shaped golden scissors in the form of herons or other exotic birds.

Almost anything goes in these spaces, but inspirational and motivational phrases about achieving success are very well suited to a workspace. These phrases are there to remind us why we go to work every day, and why we put ourselves through the stress. It’s worth keeping them to hand to remind you of your journey. 

How to give your workspace a special touch

A chic office.

While mirrors and scents might seem pointless additions to a workspace, they’re really not. In fact, seeing your reflection at some point in your working day could help to remind you of your breathing. It can also remind you of other things that are easy to forget, such as your posture or your facial expressions.

Using your favorite scents in your feminine-style workspace to keep it smelling sweet is a great idea, and also very feminine. However, when using scent it’s important to consider if you’re setting up your workspace at home or in a shared office with other people.

If you’re sharing your office, it’s best to use very subtle scents so that they don’t overpower your colleagues’ senses. This might invade their personal space, and so it’s important to bear in mind.