Trending Living Room Decor for 2022

Find out which trends in living room decor and design are still popular in 2022. At the same time, you can also learn which trends are no longer current.
Trending Living Room Decor for 2022

Last update: 23 March, 2022

The living room is a very important space because it’s the place where you can relax and the first room that your guests will see when they enter your home. As such, it’s important to know the trending living room decor for 2022. By following this, you’ll know if you’re trending or not, and be able to adapt these trends to your personal preferences.

As we always advise, the most important thing regarding home decor is that you feel comfortable and satisfied with what you have. Ready to learn more? Let’s discover all the details!

Interior decor is very changeable and is constantly being assessed and renewed. Moreover, so many trends come and stay, while others leave as quickly as they came, and some leave and return at a later date with a new twist. As such, we’re going to look at the living room trends that are here to stay for 2022.

It’s all about round tables

Advantages and disadvantages of round dining tables
Round tables are one of the remaining trends for 2022.

Round tables are very useful and have advantages that you don’t have with other geometric shapes. In addition to taking up less space, the room appears more organized and stylish. Equally, your guests can always see each other no matter where they’re seated. This favors interaction and fosters social and family relationships.

Say yes to colors that encourage relaxation

The use of soft and light colors that promote relaxation will continue to be a living room trend in 2022. At the top of our preferred list, we can find green, which is the color that symbolizes nature and hope. Its range of hues ensures that most people have a favorite.

Remember that these colors don’t just apply to the walls, it includes using them in accessories and decorative elements. After green, we find that shades such as dusty pink or serene blue will continue to be all the rage.

What about floral wallpaper?

We have great news for lovers of wallpaper with floral designs! It’s still a trending living room feature for 2022. By adding this to your living room, you’ll achieve a natural, colorful, fresh, and romantic social area.

Marble finishes are ideal for living rooms with a minimalist style and serene decorative features. They add a lot of glamor and elegance when mixed with gold-colored finishes. However, it’s recommended to use marble in small doses because it can feel a bit overwhelming and saturate a space.

It’s a resounding yes to sustainable materials!

Trends in decoration for the living room in 2022 natural materials
Natural materials are very fashionable.

That’s right! In 2022 the trend in decorating living rooms (and other spaces) with sustainable materials continues to strengthen.

The goal is to be more environmentally friendly and respectful towards the planet. Options include using plant fibers, reclaimed wood, and organic coatings, among others.

What things became obsolete in 2022?

Now that you know about trending living room decor for 2022, it’s only fair that you also know which ones are obsolete. This way, you’ll know what to change and what you consider to be fashionable.

  • No more ornate rooms: spaces full of ornate furniture, colors, and decorative elements are left behind in the new year. The bet is now on minimalism, which involves using few objects and neutral colors.
  • Smooth walls: because they lack spirit and personality. The ideal is that walls are decorated in colors that contrast with each other and that they have textures or coatings.
  • Black furniture: although this combines well with the industrial style, in other styles, it’s out of context. The objective is to make way for more fashionable colors that we’ve already described.
  • Goodbye to patterned rugs: rugs are fundamental in living room decor. The use of smooth, clean and neutral colors is now recommended.
  • Furniture with straight lines: especially sofas, armchairs, and chairs. Choose more curved, sinuous, and puffy elements, without overloading your space.

Now you know about the 2022 decor trends for living rooms, you can make the decision to implement the ones you want in your home. If you’re already in tune with them, congratulations! You’re up to date in this regard.

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